Manually uninstalling RSForm! Pro

  1. Locate your Joomla!/components/ folder. Delete the folder named com_rsform.
  2. Locate your Joomla!/administrator/components/ folder. Delete the folder named com_rsform.
  3. Connect to your MySQL database and remove all of the _rsform tables. For example, if your Joomla! database prefix is "jos", remove all tables that start with jos_rsform.
    For instance, use this SQL script:
      DROP TABLE `jos_rsform_components`, `jos_rsform_component_types`, `jos_rsform_component_type_fields`,
     `jos_rsform_config`, `jos_rsform_forms`, `jos_rsform_mappings`, `jos_rsform_properties`,
     `jos_rsform_submissions`,`jos_rsform_submission_values`, `jos_rsform_emails`, `jos_rsform_submission_columns`,
     `jos_rsform_translations`, `jos_rsform_conditions`, `jos_rsform_condition_details``jos__rsform_calculations`, 
     `jos__rsform_directory`, `jos__rsform_directory_fields`, `jos__rsform_posts`, `jos__rsform_payment`
  5. For Joomla! 3.x: Browse the _extensions, _assets and _menus tables and erase all com_rsform entries. For instance, use these SQL queries:
      DELETE FROM `jos_extensions` WHERE `element`='com_rsform'
      DELETE FROM `jos_menu` WHERE `link` LIKE '%com_rsform%'
      DELETE FROM `jos_assets` WHERE `name` LIKE '%com_rsform%'

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