Manage Submissions

In the Manage Submissions tab you can view the submissions for your forms. You can select the form you want to display submissions for and also choose what fields to display from that form. In order to hide certain form fields you simply need to click the Choose which columns to show button and uncheck the fields you do not want to view.


Another feature is the possibility to search submissions based on a fixed value or between a certain time interval. This tab also incorporates a language selector for your submissions to make the searches more relevant. You can Resend Emails for submissions and also Edit or delete them. All submissions can be exported to 5 different formats:

  • Export to CSV: export the selected submissions in a CSV file (a preview has been added of how your CSV will look like).
  • Export to OpenDocument Spreadsheet: export the selected submissions in a ODS file.
  • Export to Excel XML: export the selected submissions in a XML Excel file.
  • Export to Excel: export the selected submissions in a XLSX file(Excel 2003 and upwards) file.
  • Export to XML: export the selected submissions in a XML file.

Starting with version 2.1, submissions can now be imported from a CSV format. Simply click on the new 'Import' button, choose either to skip (or not) the headers, set a Delimiter and Enclosue afterwards choose the file and Upload it. You will be pointed to the next step where you can map your fields accordingly.

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