The timezone could not be found in the database

If you are encounterring this warning after setting up your form:

DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (your_default_Value) at position 0 (S): The timezone could not be found in the database

... then you most likely misconfigured the Calendar or Date and Time Picker Field. Along with the latest versions of RSForm!Pro, the Default Value of the calendar type fields will normally require an actual date and not a string, providing clear guidance to your website's visitors.

For example, if your date format is d/m/Y, in the Default Value area of your calendar type fields, you will need to insert something like this: 25/08/2016

If you just want to provide visitors with a hint and not an actual date, letting them know that in this field they could only type a date and nothing else, you can simply use the Additional Attributes area and type in a placeholder, which isn't an actual value, like:

Note: If you are using the form in multiple languages, you will need to make sure that the Default Value property of the calendar type fields is either empty or contains a valid date.

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