My forms are not working correctly with cache enabled

My forms are not working correctly when I enable caching on my site.

To figure out why this is happening you will have to understand how Cache works (we'll be using the example of RSForm!Pro loaded in a content article):

  • the article is loaded;
  • the RSForm! Pro Content Plugin runs and replaces the placeholder {rsform 1} with the specified form;
  • the Joomla! Cache records what the page looks like and saves it in the cache. This means that from now on, the page will never load the RSForm! Pro Content Plugin, and RSForm!Pro will never run as it should (the form will get displayed because its appearance is stored in the cache, but the functionality is not).

To disable the cache just follow the steps below:

  • Global configuration > System > set Cache to Off - Caching disabled
  • Extensions > Plugins > disable "System - Page Cache" plugin
  • System > Clear Cache

Use the System - RSForm! Pro Plugin instead of the Content - RSForm! Pro Plugin

If you wish to keep Cache enabled on your website, as an alternate solution, you can use the System - RSForm! Pro Plugin to display your form which bypasses cache and disable the RSForm!Pro Content plugin if you're using it.

Create a menu item

Create a RSForm! Pro menu item (Menus > Add new menu item > Select - RSForm! Pro - Form > Choose the form and publish it

If you would like to display additional text besides the form, you can simply add the corresponding HTML via FreeText fields.


Disable caching from RSForm!Pro Module

If you wish to keep Cache enabled on your website (Cache Handler - File / System Cache - ON Conservative Caching) and you're using the RSForm!Pro Module, then you can simply edit the module, go to Advanced tab and select 'No caching' in the Caching option.


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