My form won't submit in Internet Explorer 9!

This is actually an issue with IE9 and how it handles <form> elements. If you are using RSForm! Pro in an article (content item), make sure your editor is not adding the following HTML code:

<p>{rsform id}</p>

What to do?

Internet Explorer does not allow forms inside paragraph tags. What you can do is:

  1. Disable the editor completely. Set "No Editor" as your editor so that you can see the source code and remove the <p> tags. You can replace them with <div> tags instead.
  2. Most WYSIWYG editors allow you to set the new line tags. By default they are set to <P> or paragraphs. You can set new line tags to <BR> if there is such an option. After this, you will have to edit your article again and rewrite the {rsform} syntax so that the new HTML code gets generated.
  3. Most WYSIWYG editors have an option to edit the HTML source code directly. Look for a button that says Source Code, or HTML or anything in between. Then, follow the instructions found above, in point 1.
  4. Do not use the form in an article. This should be a last resort (since the above should help you in 99% cases). RSForm! Pro allows you to insert content right before or after the form (just use the Free Text field - you can type HTML in there). You can also disable the Auto Generated Layout (go to your form, Properties, Form Layout and uncheck "Autogenerate Layout". After this, you will able to edit directly the form's HTML code. You will be able to add the content wherever you like.

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