How to trigger the Silent Post feature based on user selection

To trigger the silent post feature based on a selection the user makes within a checkbox group/radio group/drop-down menu, custom scripting will be required. Please follow these steps:

Configure Silent Post

Head to Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Manage Forms >> edit your form >> Properties >> Silent Post and set up the Silent Post feature to suit your needs, but leave the Post information to another location? field set to Yes.


Let's assume that you wish to implement the following scenario:

Your radio group is named Test, it has 3 selection options: Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3 and you wish to trigger the silent post feature if the user selects Option 2. Please add the following code:

if($_POST['form']['Test'] == 'Option 1')
$silentPost = false;
elseif($_POST['form']['Test'] == 'Option 2')
$silentPost = true;
elseif($_POST['form']['Test'] == 'Option 3')
$silentPost = false;

in the Scripts called after form process area of the PHP Scripts tab found in Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Manage Forms >> edit your form >> Properties.

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