How to create a delete submission button in Manage directories

In this article we will explain how to create a button in the Manage directories layout to delete submissions

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  1. First of all we will create a language override to create an error in case conditions are not met.
  2. To do this head over to Extensions > Language Manager > Overrides > New button

    In the first field (Language Constant) we will give a name to the override, in this case :

    The second field is the text you want to be displayed when it's executed, for this example we will use :
    "You are not authorized to delete this submission."

    After adding the desired text in the fields, click Save & Close

  3. Next on the to do list is a template override for the Submission directory layout
    • Copy default_layout.php from /components/com_rsform/views/directory/tmpl
    • To /templates/template_name/html/com_rsform/directory (NOTE: Match the folder structure)
    • Add to the newly copied default_layout.php, after line 39 (NOTE: It has to be after line 39 so it can be available only to the users with edit permissions):
    • <a href="<?php 
      echo JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_rsform&formId='.$this->params->get('formId').'&action=delete&id='.$item->SubmissionId);

    Basically this line is a link to your form, with 2 custom parameters : action and submission id

  4. Now we have to create a script to check the paramenters and delete the submission values for that specific submission id
  5. Head over to Components > RSForm!Pro > Manage Forms > Select the form > Properties > PHP scripts > And insert in the Scripts called on form display the following:

    // First we have to check the "action" parameter from the URL
    $paramsURL = JFactory::getApplication()->input;
    $action = $paramsURL->getString('action');
    if ($action == "delete") {
    // If it returns true it will continue running the script 
      $id_value = $paramsURL->getInt('id');
      $formId_value = $paramsURL->getInt('formId');
    // For security reasons we verify if the user has the right to edit submissions using RSFormProHelper
      if ($id_value && $formId_value && RSFormProHelper::canEdit($formId_value,$id_value)){
    // If user has enough permission rights, run the query
        $db = JFactory::getDbo();
        $db->setQuery("DELETE FROM #__rsform_submission_values WHERE `SubmissionId`='". $id_value."'");
        $db->setQuery("DELETE FROM #__rsform_submissions WHERE `SubmissionId`='". $id_value."'");
    // Redirect the user back to Manage directories 
        $itemId_value = $paramsURL->getInt('Itemid');
        $mainframe->redirect(JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_rsform&view=directory&Itemid='.$itemId_value, false));
    // If the user does not have permission to edit, he will be prompted with the language override created earlier:
        $formLayout = JText::_('RSFP_DELETE_ERROR');

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