How do I setup multiple recipients or recipients based on selection ?

1. To setup multiple recipients, just go to the desired email tab (User Email or Admin Email) and enter multiple recipients separated by a comma (,) like this:,,

2. If you want to setup a recipient based on user's selection, try this:

Let's assume that your radio group form component is named "radio".

  • The items of this form component will have to look similar to this:|John Dorian|Webmaster Account|Postmaster Account
  • In the Admin Email tab, just fill in the To field with the following syntax:


  • The above example is for only one recipient. If you want multiple recipients per item, just enter them before the pipe (|), separated by a comma (,).
  • You can use the {radio:text} placeholder in the User / Admin Emails text to return the label of the select items (e.g. John Dorian).

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