Enabling RSComments! in 'Submissions View'

Adding the RSComments commenting form in the Details Layout and a comments counter in the Row Layout of the RSForm!Pro View Submissions menu item can be done using the RSComments! default syntax.

Configuration steps

  • 1. Head to Menus >> edit your menu >> edit the 'View Submissions' menu item.
  • 2. Add the following code in the Row Layout:

    {details}{rscomments_no option="com_rsform" id="{global:submissionid}"}{/details}

    This will add a counter of the comments added for the current submission in the Row Layout.

  • 3. Add the following code in the Details Layout:

    {rscomments option="com_rsform" id="{global:submissionid}"}

    This will add the RSComments! commenting form in the Details Layout.

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