CAPTCHA is not working

CAPTCHA needs the GD and FreeType libraries installed and enabled on your PHP server in order to work. You can check this by going to backend > System > System Information > PHP Information.

Please contact your server administrator if they are unavailable.

Other common problems are:
  1. If you've created your own translation, please make sure you have used the HTML character code equivalents for UTF-8 characters. If you've chosen not to, make sure that the file is saved as UTF-8 without BOM. The BOM (byte order mark) displays garbage characters when loaded and this could cause the JPEG output of CAPTCHA to be misinterpreted, rendering it unusable.
  2. If you are using a caching component, make sure that RSForm! Pro is not cached.
  3. Change the session handler. To do so, head to System > Global Configuration > System and set Session Handler to PHP.
  4. CAPTCHA within 2 forms on the same page, one CAPTCHA field doesn't work. If you are displaying 2 separate forms, both containing a CAPTCHA field, on the same page, make sure to provide different names for the CAPTCHA fields in order for both of them to work properly.

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