RSForm! Pro Changelog

27 May 2024
Version 3.3.4
  • Added - 'Preview Field' - allowing you to preview the values from other form fields.
  • Added - 'Restricted Words' validation rule which disallows submissions containing defined words.
18 Apr 2024
Version 3.3.3
  • Fixed - Joomla! 5.1 Dark Mode fixes.
  • Fixed - 'Add to Backend Menu' was throwing an error on Joomla! 3
  • Fixed - In some cases the field properties were loading a cached incorrect version based on the default language.
12 Apr 2024
Version 3.3.2
  • Added - 'Edit Modal Width' option to increase the width of the field editing modal.
  • Updated - 'List of Disposable Email Domains' now accepts the * character as a wildcard to trigger part of the domain such as *.xz
  • Fixed - Forms added as backend menu items are no longer removed when updating the extension.
  • Fixed - When using Syntax Highlighting some Javascript errors could appear on the page in Joomla! 5 due to CodeMirror 6.
  • Fixed - Selecting a 'Default Ordering Column' in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item without actually setting the field as 'Show in Listing' would result in 0 submissions being displayed.
  • Fixed - Clearing an uploaded file when editing a submission through the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item would not actually delete the file.
14 Mar 2024
Version 3.3.1
  • Updated - In the 'Submissions - View' menu item the 'HTML Layout', 'Row Layout' and 'Details Layout' fields now show a CodeMirror editor for easier editing.
  • Fixed - An email address containing any of the / : ? @ characters would throw a PunycodeHelper error on Joomla! 4 and 5
  • Fixed - Further validation in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item to prevent SQL errors from showing up.
04 Mar 2024
Version 3.3.0
  • Added - Joomla! 5 native compatibility - no longer needs the 'Behaviour - Backward Compatibility' plugin.
23 Oct 2023
Version 3.2.2
  • Added - 'Date and Time Picker' has the following validation rules available: 'Regex', 'Same Value as Other Field', 'Unique Field' and 'Unique Field per User'
  • Updated - Dark Mode in Joomla! 5 was unreadable.
  • Updated - Some Joomla! 5 code improvements.
  • Updated - Using Uikit3 @m classes for column sizing.
  • Updated - Bumped minimum requirements to use PHP 5.5
  • Fixed - Reply-To could be missing entirely when specifying multiple 'Reply-To' emails.
  • Fixed - Tooltips were not showing up in Joomla! 5 when editing a form field.
  • Fixed - In some cases restoring a backup from an old version of RSForm! Pro would throw an error.
  • Fixed - In some cases the 'Save Data To Database' option would not work correctly.
10 Oct 2023
Version 3.2.1
  • Updated - Birthday Field will now display the current year when 'End Year' is set to 0 or empty.
  • Updated - RSForm! Pro will no longer install on Joomla! 5 without the Behaviour - Backward Compatibility plugin being enabled first.
  • Fixed - Backend menus with no permissions were still showing up on Joomla! 4 with PHP 8+
  • Fixed - Some translations from 'Permissions' were no longer used.
  • Fixed - SEF Router will now create form paths as '1-form-name' instead of '1:form-name'.
  • Fixed - Some misconfigured hosts do not send emails if 'From Email' is set - if 'From Email' is left blank, emails now attempt to be sent.
25 Sep 2023
Version 3.2.0
  • Added - Adding form fields is now done from an 'Offcanvas' element.
  • Added - Form fields can be created in a specified row and column of the form.
  • Added - When using 'Enable Confirmation By Email' the IP and date of confirmation are now stored.
  • Added - {global:confirmedip} and {global:confirmeddate} placeholders.
  • Added - Can set a different Itemid when clicking on 'Preview' form.
  • Added - 'HashCash Honeypot' spam prevention field as a GDPR alternative to Captcha.
  • Updated - Fields now have <label>, 'form-control' and 'form-select' classes when editing a submission in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to 3.16.26
  • Updated - Using native UIkit 3 classes for grid sizing where these are available.
  • Updated - Custom UIkit 3 grid classes are now loaded from a separate file.
  • Updated - Nonce added to scripts and stylesheets when using the 'System - HTTP Headers' plugin and the 'System - RSForm! Pro' plugin.
  • Updated - Can use the {nonce} placeholder in the CSS and JS sections.
  • Fixed - 'Confirmed' field will no longer show up in the Directory configuration unless the form has 'Enable Confirmation By Email' set to 'Yes'.
  • Fixed - 'Date and Time Picker' now allows dates up from 1920.
  • Fixed - No longer allowing buttons to be rendered as <input> tags.
  • Fixed - Confirming a submission from the backend did not trigger the confirmation flow (email sending, plugins triggering).
  • Fixed - A PHP error could occur when specifying a wrong 'Date Submitted' value in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
  • Fixed - Having 'Enable Email Logging' set to 'Yes' and a wrong 'Path to Log Folder' could prevent emails from being sent.
23 Jun 2023
Version 3.1.11
  • Added - {fileupload:count} placeholder that returns the number of uploaded files.
  • Fixed - In some installations the 'Name' and 'Default Value' of a 'Hidden Field' were showing in reverse order.
  • Fixed - Restoring form backups was not working on some servers.
  • Fixed - Uploading a file through the 'Select File From Server' window would show an error on Joomla! 4.
07 Jun 2023
Version 3.1.10
  • Added - Event triggers after emails have been sent: onRsformAfterUserEmail, onRsformAfterAdminEmail, onRsformAfterAdditionalEmail.
  • Added - Directory fields can now be configured to be sorted as 'Number' or 'Date'.
  • Added - 'Minimum Length' and 'Maximum Length' validations.
  • Updated - PHP 8.2 compatibility improvements.
  • Updated - Newly created forms will now default to '{global:mailfrom}' and '{global:fromname}' in the Admin Emails section.
  • Updated - 'Textarea' fields now accept '%' or 'px' in 'Rows' and 'Cols' properties.
  • Fixed - Uikit 3 tooltip markup was not generated correctly.
23 Mar 2023
Version 3.1.9
  • Fixed - PHP Code could not be saved in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item's 'Dynamic Filtering Values' area.
  • Fixed - 'Show Only Filtering Results' now works with 'Dynamic Filtering Values'.
  • Fixed - Importing submissions from a CSV would throw an error if the 'Confirmed' column did not contain numeric values.
28 Feb 2023
Version 3.1.8
  • Updated - 'File Upload' will now accept 'webp' images when 'Allow Only Images' is set to 'Yes'.
  • Updated - Thumbs from the 'File Upload' field can now be created as webp images.
  • Updated - TCPDF updated to 6.6.2 for PHP 8.1 compatibility.
  • Fixed - Google Maps API was showing a warning in the console due to a missing callback.
  • Fixed - Viewing PDF submissions in the frontend could display a PHP warning due to a missing $app->close() call.
  • Fixed - Specifying a 'List of Disposable Email Domains' in combination with the 'Email Validation' rule could throw a PHP warning in some cases.
01 Feb 2023
Version 3.1.7
  • Updated - Editing a submission using the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item now uses a simple CSS layout instead of relying on tables.
  • Updated - IP address now takes into account the 'Behind Load Balancer' setting from Global Configuration.
  • Updated - Bumped minimum requirements to use Joomla! 3.9.0+
  • Updated - All layouts now generate an 'rsform-type-[field-type]' class for field containers.
  • Fixed - If 'Enable Syntax Highlighting' was set to 'Yes' other editors on the page would show duplicate buttons when editing a form.
  • Fixed - Built-in Captcha could throw an error on PHP 8.1
  • Fixed - In some cases the File Upload validation message was not escaped correctly.
13 Dec 2022
Version 3.1.6
  • Fixed - 'Dynamic Filtering Values' are now checked to prevent duplicates when the menu item is saved.
  • Fixed - In some cases clicking on 'Save & Close' would result in a blank form in the frontend until the form is edited again.
13 Dec 2022
Version 3.1.5
  • Added - 'System - RSForm! Pro CLI' plugin to interact with the Joomla! 4 cli/joomla.php script and provide automatic backups, old submissions removal and CSV export.
  • Added - 'Download All Submissions in CSV' option when configuring a Directory, allowing users to download all submissions in the frontend.
  • Added - 'Allow HTML' for 'Calendar' and 'Date and Time Picker' fields - this will allow to write HTML in the 'Popup Label' so you can, for example, place icons inside your buttons.
  • Added - 'Placeholder' attribute for the 'Calendar' and 'Date and Time Picker' fields (when 'Calendar Layout' is set to 'Popup').
  • Added - 'Dynamic Filtering Values' for the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
  • Updated - CSS and Javascript has been minified.
  • Updated - media/com_rsform/directory.css is now loaded on the 'Directory - Submissions' page as well.
  • Fixed - A PHP Warning could show up on PHP 8+ when exporting submissions into CSV format.
  • Fixed - Submissions could not be viewed or downloaded as PDF in the Directory menu item if 'Show Submissions For User ID' was used and the logged-in user didn't match.
  • Fixed - 'Date and Time Picker' field will now allow escaping the date format by using the forward slash \ character.
17 Oct 2022
Version 3.1.4
  • Added - Emails can be deferred until submission is confirmed through the 'Defer Emails Until Confirmation' option.
  • Updated - 'Confirmation Link' when editing a submission in the backend, to manually confirm a submission and trigger deferred emails.
  • Updated - Placed all submission confirmation options inside their own group under Form Properties - Form Info - Confirmation.
11 Oct 2022
Version 3.1.3
  • Added - PHP Scripts in the Directory configuration: Scripts called on Edit Layout, Scripts called when submission is updated.
  • Fixed - 'Manage Submissions' is now wrapped inside a 'table-responsive' class for easier horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed - In some cases, errors were not shown when saving a Directory in the backend.
03 Oct 2022
Version 3.1.2
  • Added - Triggers: onRsformBackendValidateName, onRsformBeforeReturnUrl.
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to v3.15.10
  • Fixed - No longer generating duplicated Javascript code for 'File Upload' fields.
  • Fixed - 'Submissions - Directory' is now wrapped inside a 'table-responsive' class for easier horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed - In some cases, new lines were stripped from the CSV export.
12 Sep 2022
Version 3.1.1
  • Added - Can specify a different 'Multiple Selections Separator' when exporting submissions.
12 Jul 2022
Version 3.1.0
  • Added - Triggers: onRsformBackendBeforeGrid, onRsformBackendAfterCreateFieldGroups, onRsformBeforeSilentPost, onRsformBeforeMappings.
  • Added - 'Allow HTML' for 'Submit Button', 'Button' and 'Pagebreak' fields - this will allow to write HTML in the 'Label' so you can, for example, place icons inside your buttons.
  • Updated - Changed minimum requirements to use Joomla! 3.9.0 or newer.
  • Updated - PHP 8.1 compatibility improvements.
  • Updated - Form Fields are now grouped accordingly. The 'CAPTCHA Antispam' field has been moved to 'Spam Protection' as we now have several fields for this.
  • Fixed - Some AJAX requests in the backend are now using POST to prevent incorrect caching on some servers.
  • Fixed - Some jQuery calls in the backend have been changed to vanilla JS.
  • Fixed - 'Toggle Quick Add' was generating too many <pre> tags.
  • Fixed - After deleting certain fields the exact field types could not be re-added until the page was refreshed.
  • Fixed - A new 'Submissions Directory' menu item will now require to explicitly choose a value for the 'Enable Directory' option before it can actually be saved.
28 Jun 2022
Version 3.0.20
  • Added - {global:utc_date_added} placeholder which will return 'DateSubmitted' in UTC SQL format.
  • Added - Individual placeholders for File Upload fields with 'Multiple' set to 'Yes' - {FileUpload_index:value} will now return the file with the corresponding index.
  • Updated - PHP 8.1 compatibility improvements.
  • Updated - Dynamically generated Javascript will no longer be placed inline.
  • Updated - Multipage forms will now have a 'formHidden' class by default to prevent long forms from flashing all fields during page load.
  • Updated - Deleting your own submission now uses a separate page for confirmation to avoid deletion URLs from being accessed by mistake or by a bot. Old links will still work.
  • Updated - In order to generate HTML compliant IDs, spaces are no longer allowed in the 'Name' property of fields. These will be converted to underscores.
  • Updated - In order to generate HTML compliant IDs, the field 'Name' property must not start with a number.
  • Updated - When a form can't be saved during a restore, the exact JTable error message will now be displayed.
  • Fixed - When editing a form, the 'Thank You' description was wrong.
26 May 2022
Version 3.0.19
  • Updated - Reworked Foundation layout to use the new XY Grid.
  • Updated - Accessibility improvements: Radio and Checkboxes generate an 'id' attribute for the label in the form of 'fieldname0-lbl'.
  • Updated - Accessibility improvements: Radio and Checkboxes generate an 'id' attribute in the form of 'fieldname-grouplbl' for the 'Caption', which is referenced by each item with an 'aria-labelledby' attribute.
  • Updated - Accessibility improvements: Radio and Checkboxes are now contained inside a '<div role="group"></div>' container.
  • Updated - Accessibility improvements: Birthday Field dropdowns now each generate an 'aria-label' attribute.
  • Updated - Exporting submissions now automatically tries to resume after a few seconds when a server-side error occurs.
  • Fixed - When editing a submission in the backend, items from Checkbox / Radio or Dropdown fields are no longer disabled even if explicitly set.
  • Fixed - When 'Captcha' is set to 'Invisible' the 'Caption' is ignored and no longer takes up space in the form.
  • Fixed - Inputs and labels from Radio and Checkboxes generated using the 'uikit 2' and 'UIkit 3' layouts were showing up too close to each other.
26 Apr 2022
Version 3.0.18
  • Fixed - Birthday Field would incorrectly save submissions as "00 / 00 /" if no values were provided.
  • Fixed - In some cases restoring a backup taken from Joomla! 4 would fail.
04 Apr 2022
Version 3.0.17
  • Added - 'Cache Time' option for 'Submissions - Directory' to optimize loading times for larger directories.
  • Updated - Various loading time related optimizations for the 'Submissions - Directory' view.
  • Fixed - Some deprecated notices were showing up on PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed - 'Valid URL' validation rule was too permissive.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 5 radio and checkbox HTML markup was incorrectly generated.
  • Fixed - In some cases restoring a backup would fail due to a stray translation.
  • Fixed - Directory Emails would throw an 'Could not access file Array' error.
03 Mar 2022
Version 3.0.16
  • Added - Email Logging in the Configuration area.
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to 3.11.1
  • Updated - Bootstrap 5 updated to 5.1.3
  • Updated - No longer generating labels for elements that have no 'Caption' set (and 'Layout Flow' is set to 'Vertical').
  • Updated - 'onRsformCreateMailer' event now provides $args['formId'] as well.
  • Updated - TCPDF updated to 6.4.4
  • Fixed - RTL emails are now generated correctly when using 'Auto-Generate Email Message'.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 4 radio and checkbox HTML markup was incorrectly generated.
27 Oct 2021
Version 3.0.15
  • Updated - 'From Name' in 'Additional Emails' now shows up as required.
  • Updated - Scripts and stylesheets are now checked if present on the page when being added through the System - RSForm! Pro Plugin.
  • Fixed - jQuery will now be loaded even if the form is placed using the System - RSForm! Pro Plugin.
  • Fixed - There was an issue when sending emails on hosts with disabled escapeshellarg() and escapeshellcmd() functions.
  • Fixed - No longer specifying min-height for rows when using the Responsive layout as that could create unnecessary whitespace.
12 Oct 2021
Version 3.0.14
  • Fixed - Additional Emails could not be saved when Disable Multi-Language was set to 'Yes' and a different language was set as default.
22 Sep 2021
Version 3.0.13
  • Updated - {global:formtitle} is now available after form submission.
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to v3.7.3
  • Fixed - Removed unneeded 'mb-3' class Bootstrap 5 layout rows.
  • Fixed - When setting up Conditional Fields dropdowns would not appear correctly on Joomla! 4
  • Fixed - TinyMCE inside a Bootstrap 5 modal was not working correctly.
  • Fixed - When Syntax Highlighting was turned on a Javascript error would show up on Joomla! 4
14 Sep 2021
Version 3.0.12
  • Added - 'User Email' and 'Admin Email' messages can be auto-generated.
  • Updated - 'Min Selections' can be set for 'Checkbox Group' fields.
  • Updated - Can now set 'Default Ordering Column' and 'Default Ordering Direction' in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
  • Updated - 'Submissions - Directory' now have 'greater than, greater or equal to, less than and less or equal to' filtering operators.
  • Updated - When editing a submission, the 'Date Submitted' is now a popup calendar.
  • Updated - Captcha is now shown as a base64-encoded image to prevent session collision issues.
  • Fixed - When editing a submission, the 'Submission ID' is now readonly since it can't be changed.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 5 markup was not generated correctly in some cases.
27 Aug 2021
Version 3.0.11
  • Updated - 'onGetWeekOfYear' function that can be overridden in the Date and Time Picker field's Javascript.
  • Fixed - A JS error could occur on the form if the calculation result field was missing.
  • Fixed - 'Clear Submissions' was not working.
  • Fixed - 'Date and Time Picker' week numbering was wrong if the week didn't start on Sunday.
23 Aug 2021
Version 3.0.10
  • Fixed - Some Bootstrap 5 elements and layouts were not being generated correctly.
20 Aug 2021
Version 3.0.9
  • Fixed - Language dropdown was incorrectly showing backend languages.
  • Fixed - In some cases, submissions for 'Today' would show an incorrect count.
  • Fixed - Some tooltips were not showing up in Joomla! 4.0
27 Jul 2021
Version 3.0.8
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to 3.7.1
  • Fixed - Mappings dropdown would not work when table columns had spaces in them.
  • Fixed - Some fields in Mappings were not saved when table columns had spaces in them.
  • Fixed - Various PHP 8 fixes.
22 Jul 2021
Version 3.0.7
  • Fixed - MySQL 8 would throw an error under 'Manage Submissions'.
  • Fixed - Exporting to Excel XML would sometimes create an incomplete file.
12 Jul 2021
Version 3.0.6
  • Fixed - Saving a 'DELETE' mapping was not working.
06 Jul 2021
Version 3.0.5
  • Added - Placeholders: {global:confirmation_hash} and {global:deletion_hash}.
  • Added - Can now select 'Thumb Extension' in File Upload fields when 'Allow Only Images' is set to 'Yes'.
  • Added - $userEmail['recipientName'], $adminEmail['recipientName'], $additionalEmail['recipientName'] can be set in the 'PHP Email Scripts' area.
  • Updated - Bootstrap 5 updated to v5.0.2
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to v3.7.0
  • Fixed - Calculation results will no longer be formatted if the resulting input has type='number'.
  • Fixed - 'Manage Submissions' date filters were working incorrectly.
  • Fixed - Selecting a date filter in 'Manage Submissions' will no longer automatically submit the page.
  • Fixed - Creating thumbnails from uploaded files was not working on PHP 8.
22 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.4
  • Updated - If 'Use CSRF Tokens' is enabled, a keepalive is initialized when displaying the form so the session doesn't timeout.
  • Fixed - Mappings would incorrectly filter HTML code.
  • Fixed - Editing a Mapping would incorrectly place it last after saving.
18 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.3
  • Fixed - Editing an email with 'Text' mode was not possible.
  • Fixed - 'Check All' checkbox when exporting submissions was not working intuitively.
16 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.2
  • Fixed - 'Post to Location' was not saved.
  • Fixed - 'Disable Multi-Language' was not working correctly in some cases.
15 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.1
  • Updated - Form selector dropdown in 'Manage Submissions' can now search as you type.
  • Updated - Submission numbering in the 'Manage Submissions' area's first column.
  • Fixed - Exporting CSV files from the frontend Directory area would not properly escape headers.
  • Fixed - Export to PDF (when using TCPDF) was not working on new installations.
09 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.0
  • Added - Compatibility with Joomla! 4.0
  • Added - 'Use CSRF Tokens' option that can be toggled on or off.
  • Added - Bootstrap 5 layouts.
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to v3.6.21
  • Updated - Bootstrap 4 updated to v4.6.0
  • Updated - 'Search Tools' is now used through Manage Forms, Manage Submissions and Manage Directories.
  • Updated - Split Backup and Restore to separate screens.
  • Updated - Moved most buttons to the top toolbar for UX consistency with Joomla! design.
  • Updated - Reworked dashboard to use font icons instead of images.
  • Updated - In the Manage Submissions screen, the 'Choose which columns to show' button has been moved to the toolbar.
  • Updated - YUICalendar updated to 2.9.0.
  • Updated - Resetting values when changing conditions now work for the 'Calendar' and 'Date and Time Picker' fields.
  • Updated - New form wizard is now a single step process to speed up things.
  • Updated - Calculations are now added and edited in a separate popup to keep consistency with other RSForm! Pro areas.
  • Updated - The 'Submissions - Directory' icons are now displayed using fonts.
  • Updated - Changed all plugin triggers to use the 'onRsform' prefix.
  • Updated - Changed some columns in the database to mediumtext to hold more data (CSS, JS, PHP scripting areas, field and submission values).
  • Updated - Various code optimizations.
  • Updated - Removed deprecated code.
  • Updated - Removed support for old .zip backup format.
  • Fixed - Deleting a Directory Email did not show a confirmation message.
  • Fixed - Directory Emails empty recipients or subjects now show a message.
  • Fixed - Restore screen was missing some translations.
  • Fixed - New form wizard was missing some translations.
  • Fixed - New form wizard was not selecting the 'Default Layout' set in the Configuration.
  • Fixed - In some cases, saving a checkbox field when editing a submission would not work.
  • Fixed - The 'WHERE' clause when configuring Mappings would lose all configured values if the table was changed.
  • Fixed - Deleting a Mapping did not show a confirmation message.
  • Fixed - When editing a Mapping the 'Method' and 'Connection Type' fields are no longer editable to prevent errors.
  • Fixed - Changing email mode from 'Text' to 'HTML' would display an incorrect editing link until page refresh.
  • Fixed - Changing the email mode when editing an Additional Email would create a JS error on the page.
  • Fixed - In some cases not all submissions were imported.
  • Fixed - If 'Deletion Email' was configured incorrectly the error message would switch to the 'Admin Emails' tab instead of the correct one.
  • Fixed - Saving a form with an incorrect email configured will display a better error message.
  • Fixed - Restoring Additional or Directory Emails would not insert the translations as well.
  • Fixed - Some fields can no longer be duplicated or copied to forms that already have them (eg. Captcha).
  • Fixed - Restoring 'Date Picker' fields would not insert the correct 'Date Modifier' property.
  • Fixed - Imported submissions will have their 'Date Submitted' adjusted based on the current timezone.
  • Fixed - Exporting submissions to ODS could end up double encoding some entities.
26 Nov 2020
Version 2.3.20
  • Updated - {global:confirmed} placeholder now available in the Submissions View detail page.
  • Updated - Importing CSV submissions will automatically pre-select the best matching header.
30 Oct 2020
Version 2.3.19
  • Fixed - Spaces surrounding email addresses would halt email sending.
20 Oct 2020
Version 2.3.18
  • Updated - When Textarea fields are exported to CSV files, new lines can automatically be converted to br tags so they don't break the CSV contents.
  • Fixed - Wrong values in the CC or BCC areas would halt email sending.
16 Sep 2020
Version 2.3.17
  • Updated - moment.js updated to v2.28.0
  • Updated - Bootstrap 4 updated to v4.5.2
  • Updated - UIkit 3 updated to v3.5.7
  • Updated - UIkit 2 updated to v2.27.5
  • Updated - Zurb Foundation updated to v6.6.3
02 Jun 2020
Version 2.3.16
  • Added - 'Show Descriptions' option in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
  • Updated - Placeholders are now shown when editing a submission through the Directory.
21 May 2020
Version 2.3.15
  • Fixed - File Uploads were not updated when editing a submission in the Directory area.
11 May 2020
Version 2.3.14
  • Updated - Email attachments MIME types are now auto-detected.
  • Updated - Bootstrap 4 auto-generated layout now uses 'col-md-' columns.
  • Updated - 'Radio Group' and 'Checkbox Group' fields now show up as configured instead of dropdowns when editing a submission using the Directory.
  • Updated - 'Return URL' can be configured based on form language.
  • Fixed - File Uploads could be saved with an empty 'Destination' path.
  • Fixed - File Uploads 'Show Image Preview' was not working when using a Uikit 3 layout.
08 Apr 2020
Version 2.3.13
  • Fixed - 'Radio Group' fields were incorrectly being validated even if hidden by conditional logic.
07 Apr 2020
Version 2.3.12
  • Updated - Silent Post can now send custom headers to the request (when posting silently).
  • Updated - Bootstrap 4 bundled package updated to 4.4.1
  • Fixed - Thank You Page Popup was not being closed when clicking on the 'Continue' button while staying on the same page.
01 Apr 2020
Version 2.3.11
  • Fixed - 'Radio Group' and 'Checkbox Group' fields could not be validated due to the 'required' attribute. Removed for now.
30 Mar 2020
Version 2.3.10
  • Added - 'Limit Submissions' option under Form Properties - Form Info - Submission.
  • Added - RSFormPro.Calculations.toMinutes() Javascript function to aid in calculations.
  • Added - 'Date and Time Picker' and 'Calendar' fields now show up as calendars instead of text fields when editing a submission using the Directory.
  • Updated - Configuration values can now be modified for the current session by using:
  • RSFormProConfig::getInstance()->set($key, $value, false);
  • Updated - In the 'Manage Forms' and 'Manage Directories' areas you can now search for a specific form ID by prefixing the search with ID:
  • Updated - Code improvements.
  • Fixed - 'Radio Group' and 'Checkbox Group' fields now have 'aria-required' on a surrounding <div> element.
  • Fixed - 'Radio Group' and 'Checkbox Group' fields now display the 'required' attribute.
  • Fixed - Added some more padding to show that 'Calculations' can be ordered by drag and drop.
09 Mar 2020
Version 2.3.9
  • Added - 'Reply To Name' configurable for User, Admin, Deletion, Additional and Directory Emails.
  • Updated - 'Show All Submissions' now defaults to 'Yes' on Submissions - View and Directory menu items.
  • Updated - Auto-generating a layout will now render hidden fields (from plugins) without creating an empty space in the form.
  • Updated - Fields now generate an 'aria-describedby' attribute when a validation error occurs.
  • Fixed - 'aria-invalid' was being wrongly added to button inputs.
  • Fixed - 'File Uploads' fields - could not deselect emails from 'Attach file to' once configured.
  • Fixed - In some cases Conditional Fields were not working when 'Auto Generate Layout' was set to 'No'.
  • Fixed - Removing multiple fields would show an 'ITEMS REMOVED' message with no translation.
  • Fixed - PHP 7.4 would throw a Deprecated message when installing RSForm! Pro.
19 Feb 2020
Version 2.3.8
  • Updated - Fields will now have 'aria-required' and 'aria-invalid' attributes for better accessibility compliance.
  • Updated - Global placeholders are now shown in the 'Toggle Quick Add' sections.
  • Fixed - Geolocation search inside a 'Google Map' field would trigger too many requests and sometimes provide duplicate results.
  • Fixed - Selecting a date in the 'Date and Time Picker' field using a mobile device would jump the focus to an incorrect field.
  • Fixed - In some cases deleting a calculation would trigger a Javascript error.
  • Fixed - TinyMCE dialogs inside the Free Text editing modal were not clickable.
10 Feb 2020
Version 2.3.7
  • Added - Can configure the number of submissions to parse with each AJAX request (when exporting).
  • Added - {:descriptionhtml} placeholder to display the HTML-escaped version of a {:description} placeholder.
  • Updated - Auto-generated Form Layouts (except the 'Responsive' Layout) now use {:descriptionhtml} to display the description inside HTML attributes.
  • Updated - Joomla! Editor is now displayed when configuring a 'Free Text' field (in a separate HTML tab).
  • Updated - 'Submissions - View' and 'Submissions - Directory' menu items now have separate options for showing submissions (Show Logged In User's Submissions, Show All Submissions).
  • Updated - Select in which areas to search for results in the 'Submissions - View' menu item.
  • Updated - Query for displaying results in the 'Submissions - View' menu item has been improved.
  • Updated - All placeholders are now available in the 'Submissions - View' layouts.
  • Updated - {global:deletion} and {global:confirmation} are now available in the Details Layout of a directory.
  • Updated - Now throwing 404 and 403 error pages when attempting to unsuccessfully access a particular submission from the 'Submissions - View' menu item.
  • Updated - 'PDF Filename' can be configured in the 'Submissions - View' menu item.
  • Updated - Can now export only the filtered results from 'Manage Submissions'.
  • Updated - Query for displaying results in the 'Manage Submissions' area has been improved.
  • Fixed - In some cases AJAX validation was not triggering correctly for File Upload fields.
  • Fixed - 'Free Text', 'Captcha' and 'Button' fields no longer show up in Manage Submissions.
  • Fixed - 'Multiple Validation Rules' were triggering a Javascript error and the field couldn't be edited anymore.
16 Jan 2020
Version 2.3.6
  • Fixed - There were 2 file inputs possible if 'Maximum Uploads' was set to 1.
  • Fixed - 'Add another files' is no longer disabled when 'Maximum Uploads' is set to 0 (unlimited).
  • Fixed - Label 'for' attribute was not generated correctly for 'Captcha' fields.
  • Fixed - 'Captcha' is no longer validated when editing a submission in the frontend.
15 Jan 2020
Version 2.3.5
  • Fixed - Multiple 'Range Slider' fields were not working.
14 Jan 2020
Version 2.3.4
  • Fixed - AJAX validation was not working properly with 'File Upload' fields that had 'Minimum Uploads' set to 1.
  • Fixed - 'Add another file' button was showing up incorrectly when 'Minimum Uploads' was equal to 'Maximum Uploads'.
13 Jan 2020
Version 2.3.3
  • Fixed - In some cases the 'Date and Time Picker' field would jump to the previous selection.
  • Fixed - SEF links now grab the Form Title according to current frontend language.
  • Fixed - Label 'for' attribute was not generated correctly for Range Slider fields.
08 Jan 2020
Version 2.3.2
  • Updated - 'Calendar' and 'Date and Time Picker' fields will now close when clicking outside the popup.
  • Fixed - In some cases a disabled date could be selected in the 'Date and Time Picker' field.
03 Jan 2020
Version 2.3.1
  • Fixed - In some cases accessing the RSForm! Pro Module or Submissions Directory menu item would throw a PHP Fatal Error.
  • Fixed - In some cases where Varnish servers were used the CSV frontend export would not work.
16 Dec 2019
Version 2.3.0
  • Updated - Conditions can now show or hide multiple fields.
  • Updated - Can now configure an 'Offset' for 'Calendar' fields with the 'Date Modifier' property.
  • Updated - Further validation for images in the 'File Upload' field.
  • Updated - Thumbnails created through the 'File Upload' field will now try to be rotated according to the EXIF data.
  • Updated - UIkit updated to 3.2.4
  • Updated - Some queries improved in the backend.
  • Fixed - When duplicating a form the Directory settings were not carried over.
  • Fixed - The 'Validation Message' property on calendars would only show up when 'Required' was set to 'Yes'.
  • Fixed - When clicking on 'Add To Menu' next to a form there was no toolbar on the next page.
  • Fixed - Uninstalling would incorrectly remove tables from some RSForm! Pro plugins as well.
  • Fixed - Show an error message if no submissions are selected when attempting to export to CSV in the frontend.
  • Fixed - Some deprecated code has been removed.
14 Nov 2019
Version 2.2.9
  • Updated - Bootstrap version upgraded to 3.4.1
  • Fixed - In some cases the 'Add More Files' button would show up next to a 'File Upload' field even if the 'Multiple' option was set to 'No'.
08 Nov 2019
Version 2.2.8
  • Fixed - Duplicating a form with calculations would throw an error.
05 Nov 2019
Version 2.2.7
  • Added - Choose the default language when Multi Language is disabled.
  • Added - Specify the filename when exporting submissions from the backend.
  • Added - Specify the CSV filename when exporting submissions from the Directory area.
  • Added - Specify a list of disposable email domains to reject specific email addresses.
  • Updated - UIkit updated to 3.2.1
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 2 tooltips were showing up incorrectly.
  • Fixed - Some queries could take longer to process due to missing keys in the #__rsform_translations table.
  • Fixed - 'Last Language Used' no longer shows up when Multi Language is disabled.
  • Fixed - Label 'for' attribute was not generated correctly for calendar fields.
  • Fixed - In some cases, the Excel submissions export would show up as corrupted.
  • Fixed - Removed some deprecated code.
  • Fixed - Code improvements.
07 Aug 2019
Version 2.2.6
  • Added - New placeholder for 'Google Map' fields: {field:map} which displays an image of the map.
  • Added - Directory has a new option - 'Show Google Map' instead of just the address.
  • Added - Google Map fields can request the current location.
  • Updated - When editing a submission in the Directory area the validation message will appear below the field.
  • Fixed - In some cases, restoring CSV submissions would fail and show a Javascript error.
  • Fixed - In some cases ReCAPTCHA was not working when the 'Disable Submit Button' option was used on the form.
  • Fixed - The 'Disable Submit Button' option was not taken into account when using AJAX validation on the form.
  • Fixed - An SQL error was showing up on the 'Add To Menu' page.
  • Fixed - AJAX validation was not working for forms added to the backend menu.
  • Fixed - When failing validation in the Directory area, fields were missing the indicative red border.
  • Fixed - When editing a submission in the Directory area the language of the submission was not taken into account.
  • Fixed - Code improvements.
30 Jul 2019
Version 2.2.5
  • Added - File Uploads have a new setting that allows you to create separate inputs for each file when uploading multiple files.
  • Added - File Uploads can preview uploaded images.
  • Updated - File Uploads AJAX validation messages are now changed according to the specific error type.
  • Updated - Conditional Fields listing now shows all details.
  • Updated - 'Scripts called on form processed' are now triggered on AJAX validation as well.
17 Jul 2019
Version 2.2.4
  • Added - 'File Upload' can upload multiple files by using the 'Multiple' property.
  • Added - 'File Upload' has new properties: 'Separator', 'Min Files' and 'Max Files', when using the 'Multiple' property.
  • Added - Can now specify the 'Enclosure' and 'Delimiter' for the CSV export in the Directory menu item.
  • Added - Right clicking on a field will now allow you to set it as required or not.
  • Added - Right clicking on a Hidden Field will now allow you to publish or unpublish it.
  • Added - Right clicking on a Pagebreak Field will now allow you to publish or unpublish it.
  • Updated - 'File Upload' fields are now triggering the regeneration of thumbnails when being edited in the Directory area.
  • Updated - 'File Upload' fields can now be cleared individually if the 'Multiple' property is being used.
  • Updated - 'File Upload' fields have new placeholders - {File Upload:image} and {File Upload:localimage} which generates <img> tags.
  • Updated - Under Manage Forms, clicking on today's, this month's or all time submissions will now filter the submissions accordingly.
  • Updated - Set '0' in the Thumb Width property of a 'File Upload' field to skip creating a thumbnail.
  • Updated - Some code optimizations.
  • Fixed - In some cases, RSFormProHelper::getComponentProperties() would incorrectly overwrite translations.
  • Fixed - Legacy Layouts were no longer showing the New Form Wizard.
  • Fixed - {File Upload:value} placeholder was not HTML encoded.
  • Fixed - Field Preview will now try to correct wrong HTML to prevent disrupting the Grid Builder layout.
  • Fixed - Date Validation functions would throw an unhandled PHP Exception when encountering invalid values.
  • Fixed - Editing a non-existing submission in the Directory area would show a blank form instead of throwing an error.
  • Fixed - SEF links were missing for the delete submission URLs in the Directory area.
  • Fixed - Accessing an invalid submission will now show an error message and redirect back to the Directory page.
  • Fixed - Trying to edit, save or delete a submission which you don't have access to will now redirect back to the Directory page.
  • Fixed - 'File Upload' fields will now show a specific error (min & max files, file size, invalid extension) when failing validation.
11 Jun 2019
Version 2.2.3
  • Upgraded - Range Slider can be used in conditions.
03 Jun 2019
Version 2.2.2
  • Added - Can specify a URL to redirect to after submission confirmation.
  • Added - Menu item parameter for the Submissions Directory view to allow displaying only search results instead of the full submissions list.
  • Added - Option to hide empty values from the Directory Details Layout.
  • Added - Show submissions that match specific values in the Submissions Directory view.
  • Added - Added a search input in the Manage Directories area.
  • Updated - Edit Directory when configuring the Submissions - Directory menu item.
  • Updated - Edit Form when configuring the Form or Submissions - View menu items.
  • Updated - Form Title is now shown when editing a Directory.
  • Updated - Bootstrap updated to 4.3.1.
  • Updated - UIkit updated to 3.1.5.
  • Updated - The Submission ID field can now be selected when configuring the Directory.
  • Updated - Backing up or restoring a form with mappings will now adjust the database prefix to the current configuration.
  • Updated - Submissions can now be confirmed from the Manage Submissions area.
  • Fixed - Conditions were not showing up if 'Disable Multi-Language' was set to Yes and site language was different than the default en-GB.
03 May 2019
Version 2.2.1
  • Added - New configuration option: Can show caption instead of field's name.
  • Updated - Hidden Fields now display a preview as well.
  • Updated - File Uploads are now validated by the AJAX validation script.
  • Fixed - Some field types were incorrectly showing up as required in the grid builder.
  • Fixed - When exporting submissions in CSV format unescaped user data could allow macros being run.
  • Fixed - Radio Groups now have a default blank value when editing submissions to prevent assigning wrong values.
05 Apr 2019
Version 2.2.0
  • Added - Grid Layout has been moved to the front along with field previews.
  • Added - Can change field status through the right-click menu.
  • Added - Date and Time Picker options: 'Allowed Dates' and 'Allowed Dates Regex'.
  • Updated - When editing a field the published status can now be changed from within the window.
  • Updated - Field previews can be toggled off from the Configuration area.
  • Fixed - Radio and Checkbox Groups are now truncated in the backend to prevent overflowing.
  • Fixed - Free Text fields are now limited to a 100px height in the backend to prevent overflowing.
  • Fixed - Legacy layouts have been removed. If you were still using them, install the Legacy Layouts Plugin
  • Fixed - Legacy ordering has been removed.
  • Fixed - Date and Time Picker now correctly restricts the year selection.
  • Fixed - Date and Time Picker now focuses on the closest available date when Min or Max Date are used and local time is outside those dates.
28 Mar 2019
Version 2.1.6
  • Upgraded - Conditions are now run on page load to allow all custom fields to initialize first.
22 Mar 2019
Version 2.1.5
  • Fixed - The 'Multiple Selections Separator' was not taken into account for custom fields.
  • Fixed - When adding a Condition without triggers a JS error could show up on the form page.
18 Mar 2019
Version 2.1.4
  • Fixed - When setting 'Allow Only Images' to 'Yes' the generated placeholders pointed to a non-existent file.
14 Mar 2019
Version 2.1.3
  • Fixed - English version of Deletion Email Text was lost when saving a form.
05 Mar 2019
Version 2.1.2
  • Fixed - Multiple items were not showing up correctly when editing a submission.
04 Mar 2019
Version 2.1.1
  • Added - New PHP Scripts areas: 'Script called before form is validated' and 'Script called before form is generated'.
  • Updated - Code optimization regarding how Conditions are run.
  • Updated - Code optimization regarding how placeholders are created.
  • Fixed - Mappings configuration now prevents auto-completing passwords.
  • Fixed - When editing a submission, [d] flags were not taken into account.
  • Fixed - When a thumbnail was created a copy of the original image was left behind.
  • Fixed - Using 'Max Selections' on a checkbox would incorrectly count disabled values as well.
23 Jan 2019
Version 2.1.0
  • Added - Can now limit the number of selections in a Checkbox Group field.
  • Added - Permissions: Access Forms, Directory, Submissions, Backup and Restore.
  • Added - Multi-language can now be disabled from the Configuration area.
  • Added - Can now import submissions from a CSV file.
  • Added - Ability to select the default 'Form Layout' for newly created forms.
  • Added - Ability to select the default 'Load Layout CSS / JS' option for newly created forms.
  • Added - 'Deletion Email' which can be sent when a submission is deleted from the frontend.
  • Added - Placeholder {global:language} to display the language code a submission was made in.
  • Updated - Moved admin assets to /media/com_rsform/
  • Updated - Added new triggers for layouts: rsfp_bk_onLayoutsDefine which allows programmatically removing or adding new layouts.
  • Updated - SEF URLs can now be translated.
  • Updated - Exporting submissions to a CSV file will show the preview above the tabs.
  • Updated - 'New' toolbar button now creates an empty form - the 'Wizard' has been moved to a separate button.
  • Updated - File Upload fields have new options: 'Allow Only Images' and thumbnail creation.
  • Updated - Can remove uploaded file when editing a submission in the frontend.
  • Updated - UIkit updated to 3.0.0-rc25.
  • Updated - UIkit 3.0 File Upload now shows the filename in a textbox.
  • Updated - {if} scripting allows comparing two placeholders.
  • Updated - Various backend CSS & JS optimizations.
  • Updated - Some old code has been removed.
  • Fixed - Can now use 0 as a valid value for required items (except for the Range Slider).
  • Fixed - Searching or sorting in the 'Submissions Directory' menu item now resets to the first page.
  • Fixed - The 'autofocus' attribute on elements was overriding the 'Scroll To Form On Error' setting.
  • Fixed - Character count in Textarea fields would show an incorrect value when submitting the form.
  • Fixed - Restoring a form did not work if field names were set as numeric values.
  • Fixed - Configuration area was still accessible even if users had no 'Configure ACL & Options' permission.
  • Fixed - The 'Connect' button was still visible after making a Mappings connection.
  • Fixed - In some cases field properties were not being saved when using multiple languages.
  • Fixed - Additional Emails translations were not being duplicated when duplicating a form.
  • Fixed - In some cases, when editing a submission in the backend the uploaded files were not saved.
  • Fixed - When editing a form, clicking on Directory or Submissions would perform form saving validations instead of simply redirecting.
  • Fixed - When a Form Name is not supplied you are now redirected straight to the field to fix the error.
  • Fixed - Date and Time Picker could not be validated when a Default Value was set.
25 Sep 2018
Version 2.0.15
  • Updated - Can now disable Date Validation in the calendar fields.
  • Fixed - Slider value was not being reset correctly when using Conditional Fields.
  • Fixed - Slider default value wasn't being taken into account in some cases.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 4 File Upload class name was incorrect.
  • Fixed - When using Unicode date formats validation would fail in calendar fields.
23 Aug 2018
Version 2.0.14
  • Updated - Bootstrap updated to 4.1.3.
  • Updated - UIkit updated to 3.0.0-rc11.
  • Updated - Free Text fields can now appear in Submissions Directory when editing a submission.
  • Updated - Non-existing forms will now display a 404 Not Found message for consistency.
  • Updated - Responsive Layout will now generate label elements instead of divs for a more semantic approach.
03 Jul 2018
Version 2.0.13
  • Added - IBAN validation rule for fields.
  • Fixed - In some cases, 'Show Thank You Message in Popup Window' and 'Show Continue Button' were disabled.
  • Fixed - WYSIWYG editors in the frontend were not sending the correct value when AJAX Validation was turned on.
  • Fixed - The 'Submissions - Directory' menu item can no longer be saved without selecting a form first.
  • Fixed - Tooltips were not showing HTML code correctly when editing a field.
  • Fixed - Can now use the System - RSForm! Pro PDF Plugin to generate PDF files (instead of built-in TCPDF) in all areas.
  • Fixed - Some language file adjustments.
  • Fixed - Some deprecated code has been removed.
09 May 2018
Version 2.0.12
  • Fixed - In some cases, setting up Conditional Fields would throw a Javascript error if a field had no values defined.
  • Fixed - Submissions were incorrectly deleted regardless of form ID.
  • Fixed - 'hasTooltip' class was incorrectly added to Uikit layouts
30 Apr 2018
Version 2.0.11
  • Added - Older submissions can automatically be deleted (configurable per form).
  • Added - Option to 'Sanitize Filenames' in 'File Upload' fields.
  • Fixed - Even if 'Save Data to Database' was set to 'No' file uploads were stored on the server.
  • Fixed - Built-in Invisible Captcha was showing a required marker.
  • Fixed - In some cases, Grid Layout rows allowed other fields to be put next to Pagebreak fields.
17 Apr 2018
Version 2.0.10
  • Updated - Can now hide editor buttons when 'Enable WYSIWYG Editor' is set to 'Yes' on 'Textarea' fields.
  • Fixed - 'Date and Time Picker' field value was being reset when using a Date Modifier.
  • Fixed - IDN email domains were failing validation when using 'Email Address /w DNS check'.
  • Fixed - Conditions were not removed from the database when deleting a form field.
  • Fixed - In some cases, restoring a form would not work because of a PHP Notice.
  • Fixed - In some cases, the Grid Layout data was corrupted.
27 Mar 2018
Version 2.0.9
  • Added - Character counter for 'Textarea' fields.
  • Added - Can now set a 'Max Size' for 'Textarea' fields.
  • Updated - First field that fails validation will now be focused automatically.
  • Updated - Now using Joomla!'s CodeMirror plugin for syntax highlighting.
  • Updated - UIkit updated to 3.0.0 beta 40.
  • Fixed - Range Slider was not triggering calculations.
  • Fixed - When specifying a custom 'Action' for the form, it ended up being double-escaped.
  • Fixed - When conditions overlapped a Javascript loop would freeze the browser when values were being reset.
  • Fixed - Google Maps field threw a PHP Fatal Error when using a Bootstrap 4 layout.
12 Mar 2018
Version 2.0.8
  • Fixed - Multiple Products (Payment Plugin) were not working with Conditional Fields.
07 Mar 2018
Version 2.0.7
  • Updated - Bootstrap 4.0.0 stable.
  • Updated - Submission ID now shows up in Manage Submissions.
  • Updated - Calculations can now compute the difference between 'Calendar' and 'Date and Time Picker' fields as well.
  • Updated - Hiding an element through the Conditional Fields feature will reset its value and trigger the other conditions as well.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 3 Free Text fields had a negative margin pushing the text outside.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 4 'invalid-feedback' class was hiding validation messages for checkboxes and radios.
  • Fixed - 'Add To Menu' was not pre-selecting the correct menu.
  • Fixed - When executing Mappings the port was not taken into account.
  • Fixed - Calendar time was not taken into account when filtering submissions in the backend.
  • Fixed - Conditional Fields option values were not properly escaped when setting them up.
  • Fixed - Layouts no longer generate an incorrect 'for' attribute on labels for Checkbox Groups, Radio Groups and Birthday Fields.
  • Fixed - Layouts no longer generate labels for Pagebreak fields.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 3 and 4 layouts now use a 'btn-group' class for the Pagebreak fields.
  • Fixed - When saving the form, if an error was present in the User or Admin Emails configuration, the tab did not move to the Form Properties area.
  • Fixed - Some Default Values were not working in the 'Calendar' field.
  • Fixed - Because they don't have a 'Caption' property, Hidden Fields will now display their name when using the caption placeholder.
  • Fixed - Some code cleanup.
09 Feb 2018
Version 2.0.6
  • Fixed - Restore now ignores invalid characters in the XML backup files.
  • Fixed - Restoring a backup did not carry over the PDF filename and 'Can delete' permissions.
  • Fixed - Some parts of {if} scripting weren't working in the Directory Details Layout.
  • Fixed - There was a missing space when adding the error classes (if the field already had a user supplied class).
30 Jan 2018
Version 2.0.5
  • Fixed - AJAX validation did not enclose rows in the correct error classes due to a mistype.
  • Fixed - Progress bar did not advance when the form had more than 100 pages.
  • Fixed - Birthday Field's 'Allow Incorrect Dates' option was inversed (setting it to No now disallows incorrect dates).
  • Fixed - Ordering was reset when using a 'Legacy' layout and adding / removing fields.
19 Jan 2018
Version 2.0.4
  • Added - Placeholder to allow users to delete their own submission - {global:deletion}.
  • Added - Can now set permissions for users to delete submissions in the 'Directory' view.
  • Fixed - Older form backups could not be restored.
16 Jan 2018
Version 2.0.3
  • Added - Option to control layout flow: 'Horizontal' or 'Vertical'.
  • Fixed - Duplicating a form did not correctly copy over the Grid Layout.
  • Fixed - Pasting fields from the clipboard would add them in reverse order.
  • Fixed - Thank You Message 'Continue' button did not use the correct layout classes.
  • Fixed - No longer showing the 'Required Marker' HTML if it's empty.
  • Fixed - Fields order was not being saved when editing a Directory.
12 Jan 2018
Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed - When editing a field's properties, the tooltip caused the cursor to focus on the 'Name' property.
  • Fixed - Some custom grid classes were being overridden by UIkit 3.
  • Fixed - UIkit 12-column grid classes moved to front.css since they're not part of the original UIkit package.
10 Jan 2018
Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed - Free Text fields were not enclosed in 'rsform-block' classes.
09 Jan 2018
Version 2.0.0
  • Added - Grid Layout generator.
  • Added - UIkit 3.0.0 support.
  • Added - Bootstrap 4.0.0 support.
  • Added - Editing fields is now done in a modal window to take advantage of higher resolutions.
  • Added - Hidden fields are placed at the bottom of the form so they're now sorted as a group.
  • Updated - Bootstrap updated to 3.3.7.
  • Updated - Bootstrap 2.3.2 field styling updates.
  • Updated - uikit updated to 2.27.4.
  • Updated - uikit 2.27.4 field validation updates.
  • Updated - Moved frontend assets to /media/com_rsform/ to allow overriding.
  • Updated - 'Back to form' and 'Back to submissions' toolbar buttons after exporting.
  • Fixed - Some fields in Bootstrap 3 were missing some styling.
  • Fixed - In some cases when a field was failing validation the page did not change to highlight it.
  • Fixed - Fields would end up with duplicated or wrong classes.
  • Fixed - 'Form Themes' has been removed as styling should be done through CSS / template.
  • Fixed - A PHP Warning would appear when auto-generating the layout if the form had only hidden fields.
  • Fixed - Some translations would not show up in the frontend if the form was migrated from versions of Joomla! that didn't have the English core language pack.
  • Fixed - Passing a date through the URL in d/m/Y format would not work.
  • Fixed - Removed MooTools calls when editing the form.
  • Fixed - Clicking on 'Copy component to' in the toolbar would incorrectly show only forms according to the most recent search results.
  • Fixed - A PHP Notice could appear when exporting submissions.
  • Fixed - When 'Syntax Highlighting' was enabled, in some cases the Form Layout would only appear as the text 'Ok'.
  • Fixed - The 'Responsive' CSS had fixed widths for labels making the form look weird in narrow boxes.
  • Fixed - Prices set through the [p] flag now only allow the following characters to be added: numbers 0 through 9, minus and plus signs and the dot.
  • Fixed - HTML in mappings would end up being modified when saved.
  • Fixed - Calendars would not validate when using multi-language and dates were formatted using days or month names.
  • Fixed - Birthday Field HTML layout would break in some cases due to some separators.
  • Fixed - Removed some old CSS and icons.
  • Fixed - Mappings were not working correctly on SQL Server databases.
16 Jun 2017
Version 1.52.14
  • Fixed - 'Multiple validation rules' did not work with custom validation rules.
15 Jun 2017
Version 1.52.13
  • Fixed - A Javascript error could be present on the page under certain conditions.
  • Fixed - Removed some Joomla! 2.5 workarounds.
22 May 2017
Version 1.52.12
  • Fixed - URL validation did not allow newer domain extensions.
  • Fixed - URL validation did not allow internationalized domain names.
  • Fixed - Calendar dates are now rejected when submitting form if they're not formatted per the field properties.
  • Fixed - When using more than 10 calendars on a single form the 'Date Modifier' rules were no longer working.
04 May 2017
Version 1.52.11
  • Fixed - 'Range Slider' field value can now be used in Calculations.
  • Fixed - 'Range Slider' field was passing validation when set to required even if it had a value of 0.
  • Fixed - Duplicating a form would not carry over the Advanced Fields in the Silent Post area.
  • Fixed - AJAX validation was no longer working with RSEvents! Pro.
03 May 2017
Version 1.52.10
  • Added - Form field - Range Slider.
  • Added - Script called when Directory Emails are created.
  • Updated - Layout improvements for the Manage Submissions area.
  • Updated - HTML-only messages now generate a Text alternative automatically to avoid being marked as spam.
  • Fixed - A Javascript issue could prevent a Calendar field from rendering.
  • Fixed - If no validation placeholders were found in the Form Layout, the page would get submitted regardless of the 'Use AJAX Validation' option.
  • Fixed - Resetting the form will reset calculations and conditional fields as well.
  • Fixed - Zurb Foundation layout was not showing up in Form Wizard.
  • Fixed - RSForm! Pro is no longer installable on Joomla! 2.5.
  • Fixed - Workaround to solve an issue caused by 3rd party template code which broke field editing.
13 Feb 2017
Version 1.52.9
  • Fixed - Form Title will now show up in listings according to the language the form was last edited in.
  • Fixed - When changing the language of Directory Emails, they were incorrectly transferred to the Additional Emails area.
03 Feb 2017
Version 1.52.8
  • Fixed - An issue could occur in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item where a row would show up as a duplicate.
  • Fixed - An issue could occur in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item where fields that have names consisting of only numbers would throw PHP Notices.
18 Jan 2017
Version 1.52.7
  • Fixed - {if} scripting did not work with the '->' and '<-' operators on the submissions view.
16 Jan 2017
Version 1.52.6
  • Fixed - In some cases, the PDF output would not load the stylesheets from the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
  • Fixed - New lines were not shown properly in 'Manage Submissions'.
  • Fixed - 'Free Text' HTML is now escaped when editing a form to avoid messing up the backend layout.
  • Fixed - 'Free Text' fields with PHP Code were not highlighted.
  • Fixed - 'Support Ticket' fields with 'Sequential' type could cause the form to stop submitting.
  • Fixed - 'Diagnose server upload settings' removed from the 'File Upload' field as it created confusion rather than solving it.
  • Fixed - Missing semicolon in JS output from 'Calendar' field could create issues when using Javascript compression plugins.
  • Fixed - Conditions would show a PHP Notice when a Payment field was improperly setup, rendering the page unresponsive.
  • Fixed - {if} scripting would throw a PHP Notice when using the '->' operator.
05 Dec 2016
Version 1.52.5
  • Updated - {if} scripting now allows you to compare multiple values.
  • Updated - {global:formid} placeholder is now available.
  • Updated - Multiple Validation Rules - 'Extra Characters' fields now display the Validation Rule to properly identify them.
  • Fixed - Sequential Ticket option was not working correctly.
  • Fixed - 'Email Address' Validation Rule no longer trims values before validation.
  • Fixed - Calculation was not updating the correct Total value field in some cases.
  • Fixed - Date and Time Picker was throwing a Javascript error when using a particular Date Modifier setting.
  • Fixed - In some particular cases, assets were being loaded after the page has been rendered.
  • Fixed - uikit FontAwesome was not loaded on Chrome / Safari browsers.
  • Fixed - When duplicating a form, Upload fields 'Attach to' property did not carry over Additional Emails.
  • Fixed - When duplicating a form, Calendar and Date Time Picker fields 'Date Modifier' property did not carry over.
  • Fixed - Workaround for Google Chrome 55 not displaying the interface correctly due to a browser bug.
22 Sep 2016
Version 1.52.4
  • Fixed - In some cases could not properly activate user accounts when using the Registration Plugin.
  • Fixed - 'Unique field per user' validation was not working correctly for IPv6 addresses.
  • Fixed - AJAX validation would not pass when using WYSIWYG editors set as 'Required'.
  • Fixed - User and Admin Email validation would fail when separating multiple values by commas and space.
  • Fixed - User and Admin Email validation would trigger on other toolbar buttons instead of Save and Apply.
  • Fixed - User and Admin Email validation no longer allowed placeholders inside an email address eg. {name:value}
14 Sep 2016
Version 1.52.3
  • Fixed - Pressing Enter on a multi-page form would render the Submit button disabled in some cases.
  • Fixed - Submit button was left disabled when {error} placeholder was missing from Form Layout.
  • Fixed - Suppressed PHP warning when no active menu Itemid was found.
  • Fixed - 'Plugins' button removed from sidebar menu.
  • Fixed - 'Scroll to Error' was not working correctly when using lots of required fields.
22 Aug 2016
Version 1.52.2
  • Fixed - AJAX validation didn't work properly on HTML5 fields.
  • Fixed - A scripting error would show up when using Javascript compressing tools.
12 Aug 2016
Version 1.52.1
  • Updated - Default form submission system message can be turned off from the Form Properties area.
  • Fixed - AJAX validation was throwing a Javascript error.
  • Fixed - Calendar now longer throws an error preventing form to be displayed if the Default Value is using an incorrect date.
  • Fixed - 'Max Size' attribute is used only on specific 'Type' selections.
  • Fixed - 'Multiple Validation Rules' would throw a PHP Notice in a particular situation.
10 Aug 2016
Version 1.52.0
  • Added - Thank You Message can be displayed in a pop-up.
  • Added - Scroll to form on error.
  • Added - Scroll to Thank You Message.
  • Added - Form Layout: Zurb Foundation 6.2.1
  • Added - {if} scripting now allows comparing values.
  • Added - Submit button can be disabled upon submission to prevent clicking multiple times.
  • Added - CAPTCHA can be hidden for logged-in users.
  • Added - 'REPLACE' mappings method.
  • Updated - User Email and Admin Email are now validated upon saving.
  • Updated - New Validation Rule: "Multiple Rules"
  • Updated - Can now specify the Map Type in the Google Map field.
  • Updated - Progress bar can be auto-generated based on the current Form Layout.
  • Updated - 'Refresh CAPTCHA' button can now be styled through the '.rsform-captcha-refresh-button' class.
  • Updated - 'Refresh CAPTCHA' button now inherits button class to match current Form Layout.
  • Updated - 'Image Button' has been removed. Use 'Submit Button' with CSS styling instead.
  • Updated - Now showing current language when editing 'Thank You Message', 'Admin Email Text' and 'User Email Text'.
  • Updated - 'Support Ticket' field can be either 'Random' or 'Sequential'.
  • Fixed - 'Support Ticket' fields are now placed at the bottom of the HTML layout.
  • Fixed - Using "Toggle Editor" was not saving changes with some editors.
  • Fixed - In some cases new values were not saved when editing submissions.
  • Fixed - Timezone was not taken into account when exporting submission from the frontend.
  • Fixed - Placeholders dropdown Javascript was causing an overhead when too many fields were added.
  • Fixed - Placeholders dropdown was not working correctly in the Mappings pop-up.
  • Fixed - PHP Notices when creating a new form using the wizard.
  • Fixed - When editing a form the language you've logged in with will be used.
  • Fixed - Date and Time Picker field popup was not being closed when changing the page.
  • Fixed - Google API Key is needed for displaying a map
  • Fixed - If the Password field's Default Value contained PHP code it was not taken into account during the Passphrase validation.
15 Apr 2016
Version 1.51.14
  • Updated - Configuring emails should be more intuitive now.
  • Updated - RTL improvements to Form Layouts.
  • Fixed - Calendar formats were not parsed correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed - Placeholder dropdowns did not work correctly on Google Chrome.
  • Fixed - Placeholder dropdowns added an incorrect delimiter to "Reply To" fields.
06 Apr 2016
Version 1.51.13
  • Fixed - Workaround for Joomla! 3.5.1 JMail breaking backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed - Bootstrap 3 checkboxes did not generate the correct markup.
  • Fixed - An error would show up when using accented characters for JYES and JNO.
30 Mar 2016
Version 1.51.12
  • Updated - Placeholders dropdown re-worked.
  • Updated - Separated 'Responsive' layout from front.css into its own stylesheet.
  • Updated - 'Responsive' Layout CSS definitions were missing for '<input>' buttons.
  • Updated - Button Type now defaults to '<button>' for 'Submit Button' and 'Button' fields.
  • Updated - Can restore backups in .tar or .tar.gz format.
  • Updated - Can now set 'Timepicker format' in 'Date and Time Picker' field.
  • Fixed - Calculations were not working correctly if field 'Name' contained a hyphen.
  • Fixed - 'Minimum Date' modifier on 'Calendar' field now changes month to reflect minimum date.
  • Fixed - AJAX Validation was not working in some cases due to a script error.
17 Mar 2016
Version 1.51.11
  • Added - Textbox input types: 'range', 'url'.
  • Added - Textbox field properties for 'range' type: min, max, step.
  • Added - Date and Time Picker Javascript function gets triggerred on date selection: RSFormPro.jQueryCalendar.calendars[formId][calendarName].callBackSelectedDateTime(selectedDate, calendarObject).
  • Updated - Tooltips added to field properties.
  • Updated - Saving email messages or Thank You Message now shows a success message in the popup window.
  • Updated - Reworked how placeholders are shown in the Quick Add sections.
  • Fixed - Some HTML5 attributes on fields were not generated correctly.
  • Fixed - Missing semicolon in Javascript function call could cause issues with minifiers.
  • Fixed - Date Modifier on 'Date and Time Picker' field was showing up only if 'Required' was set to 'Yes'.
26 Feb 2016
Version 1.51.10
  • Updated - Callback function added to the Date and Time Picker.
  • Fixed - Legacy layouts adjustments ("formRequired" class was missing).
08 Feb 2016
Version 1.51.09
  • Updated - More intuitive field properties when editing a field.
  • Updated - Default 'Previous' and 'Next' button captions renamed.
  • Fixed - Added workaround so that 'Delete field' does not throw a Javascript error when using improper language keys.
  • Fixed - Captcha threw a Deprecated message on PHP 7.
  • Fixed - Arial font was used in directory.css causing issues when generating PDF files using another font.
29 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.08
  • Fixed - Pagebreak 'Previous' button had a wrong id.
  • Fixed - {error} placeholder was not working if AJAX Validation was turned off.
  • Fixed - Improper validation for 'Textarea' field values.
21 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.07
  • Updated - Code improvements for the Checkbox and Radio Group fields.
  • Updated - Post to location rework - can now specify pairs of names and values to send to another script.
  • Fixed - Further adjustments 'Date and Time Picker' field to prevent invalid selections.
  • Fixed - Better escaping for the Javascript calculations output.
  • Fixed - '?sensor=true' no longer required for Google Maps API.
  • Fixed - Further PHP 5.2 compatibility fixes.
  • Fixed - Mappings did not connect with the correct username.
  • Fixed - Dropdown, radio and checkbox groups had incorrect default values.
19 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.06
  • Fixed - Calendars threw an error on PHP 5.2.
  • Fixed - Joomla! 2.5.x threw an error when using 'Enable WYSIWYG Editor' in a Textarea field.
19 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.05
  • Fixed - Calculations did not work when Textbox had 'Type' set to 'Number'.
  • Fixed - Mappings did not allow HTML code.
  • Fixed - AJAX scripts are now loaded only if needed.
18 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.04
  • Fixed - 'Submissions - Directory' menu items incorrectly displayed all submissions.
  • Fixed - Searching for an invalid date range in the Manage Submissions area would make the page unusable until logout.
15 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.03
  • Updated - 'Pagebreak' fields can now use <button> elements.
  • Fixed - Invalid selections are now prevented when using Date Modifier on 'Date and Time Picker' fields.
  • Fixed - In some cases, the 'Date and Time Picker' field did not popup.
  • Fixed - Calculations did not display the correct decimals.
12 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.02
  • Updated - Connection details for existing Mappings can now be edited.
  • Fixed - Assets (scripts and stylesheets) no longer loaded twice when using the System Plugin.
  • Fixed - Calendar initialization variables were not being escaped correctly.
  • Fixed - Calendar Min Date, Max Date, Min Time, Max Time fields did not accept PHP code.
  • Fixed - Forms could not be edited if a Mappings query could not connect to the database.
  • Fixed - Restoring a backup did not restore the Mappings driver used.
11 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.01
  • Fixed - Inline (XHTML) layout produced some PHP Notices when Error Reporting was set to Maximum.
  • Fixed - Labels for Radio and Checkbox Groups did not allow HTML code.
11 Jan 2016
Version 1.51.0
  • Added - New Responsive Layouts (Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3, UIKit)
  • Added - New Form Field - Date Time Picker
  • Added - Support for custom PHP validations without overriding core file validation.php
  • Added - New Form Field Attribute for Textbox / Password / Textarea - Placeholder
  • Added - New Form Field Attribute for Checkbox / Radio Groups - Vertical Columns
  • Added - New Type Attribute for Textbox (text, email, phone, number, url)
  • Added - You can now search for forms in the Manage Forms section
  • Updated - Re-done Excel generation class - export now generates xlsx (Excel 2003 and upwards) files
  • Updated - Bundled TCPDF library updated to v6.2.11
  • Updated - Administration interface adjustments
  • Updated - Code optimizations and logic separation
  • Updated - Mappings has been re-worked and it now supports other database drivers
  • Updated - front.css can now be overridden in /media/com_rsform/css/front.css
  • Updated - No longer using MyISAM tables as default engine during installation
  • Fixed - Hidden fields are now placed at the bottom of the HTML so they don't take up space inside the form
  • Fixed - Restoring forms did not work due to a particular bug affecting Ubuntu 14 (PHP 5.5) where gzopen() is not defined
  • Fixed - CodeMirror bugs when editing the Form Layout
08 Jan 2016
Version 1.50.27
  • Fixed - PDF did not display properly when using '2 Columns' layout in 'Directory Submissions'.
  • Fixed - Renamed some session variables that caused RSForm! Pro with Joomla! 2.5 hardening session patch to not work correctly.
10 Dec 2015
Version 1.50.26
  • Fixed - Field name was not validated correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed - In some particular cases, backups could not be restored.
29 Oct 2015
Version 1.50.25
  • Added - Option to allow uploading potentially unsafe files (min. Joomla! 3.4.0)
07 Sep 2015
Version 1.50.24
  • Fixed - When editing a submission in the frontend the Birthday field would not validate in some cases.
03 Sep 2015
Version 1.50.23
  • Fixed - Fields were not highlighted during validation errors when editing a submission through the Directory menu item.
  • Fixed - 'Unique field' and 'Unique field per user' were not working properly when editing a submission through the Directory menu item.
19 Aug 2015
Version 1.50.22
  • Fixed - Fields were not highlighted during validation errors when editing a submission through the Directory menu item.
  • Fixed - 'Unique field' and 'Unique field per user' were not working properly when editing a submission through the Directory menu item.
27 Jul 2015
Version 1.50.21
  • Fixed - There was an issue with file prefixes that contained special characters.
22 Jul 2015
Version 1.50.20
  • Added - {global:naturalcounter} placeholder for the 'Submissions - View' menu item (will return an incrementing or decrementing number based on Ascending / Descending).
  • Updated - Calculations will now work even if 'Thousands separator' and 'Decimal separator' have the same values.
  • Fixed - Exporting to CSV would throw a PHP deprecated notice because of an ereg_replace() function.
  • Fixed - Removed some MooTools Javascript calls from the backend.
01 Jul 2015
Version 1.50.19
  • Added - Updates will now show up in the Joomla! Update section.
  • Fixed - Some areas in the administration section of RSForm! Pro were not working since updating to Joomla! 3.4.2.
29 Jun 2015
Version 1.50.18
  • Fixed - In some cases uploaded files could not be downloaded.
28 May 2015
Version 1.50.17
  • Fixed - AJAX Validation was defaulting to English when 'System - Language Filter' was enabled.
25 May 2015
Version 1.50.16
  • Fixed - Submissions table structure can now store IPv6.
16 Mar 2015
Version 1.50.14
  • Updated - RTL adjustments.
  • Fixed - rsfp_f_onBeforeFormValidation trigger was not working correctly when using AJAX validation.
05 Mar 2015
Version 1.50.13
  • Added - Triggers: rsfp_onBeforeFormBuildRoute, rsfp_onAfterFormBuildRoute, rsfp_onBeforeFormParseRoute, rsfp_onAfterFormParseRoute.
  • Added - Validation messages can now be overwritten during processing (through the PHP Scripts area or by a System Plugin).
  • Updated - Backup settings have been moved in the 'Configuration' area under a 'Backup' tab.
  • Updated - 'Default Backup Filename' can now be set in the 'Configuration'
  • Updated - 'pages.js' no longer loaded - code has been included in 'scripts.js' as it's more efficient to load a single file.
  • Fixed - All SEF URLs were pointing to the default 'form' view, thus disallowing other views to work properly with SEF.
  • Fixed - When restoring a backup, 'Keep form IDs from backup' was always seen as being checked.
  • Fixed - Calculations did not work correctly with single digit decimals since 1.50.10
03 Mar 2015
Version 1.50.12
  • Fixed - The backend sidebar on Joomla! 3.4 was not showing correctly.
17 Feb 2015
Version 1.50.11
  • Updated - Improvements when querying the database for field properties (results are temporarily cached.)
  • Fixed - 'Add to backend menu' wasn't working.
  • Fixed - 'Manage Directories' was throwing a query error when searching for unicode strings on versions of MySQL > 5.5.3
10 Feb 2015
Version 1.50.10
  • Fixed - Calculations were not working correctly when the number contained more than one 'thousands separator'.
04 Feb 2015
Version 1.50.09
  • Added - Two new placeholders: {global:mailfrom} and {global:fromname}.
  • Fixed - 'Date Submitted' timezone was not working correctly when saving a submission with Manage Directories.
14 Jan 2015
Version 1.50.08
  • Added - New option 'Save IP to Database' in Properties > Form Info > Misc.
  • Fixed - The submission 'Confirmed' field was showing the opposite value.
04 Dec 2014
Version 1.50.07
  • Added - New {global:formid} placeholder that can be used in Form Layout.
  • Added - Free Text fields will now show their value when using {FreeText:value}.
  • Fixed - Some servers were double encoding form backups and caused issues in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed - enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute no longer added automatically if form contains no upload fields.
  • Fixed - Mappings now escapes the database name.
27 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.06
  • Updated - 'Additional Emails' now open in the same language as the form is currently being edited in.
  • Updated - New 'Additional Emails' now display the language they'll be created in.
  • Fixed - New 'Additional Emails' are created in the same language the form is currently being edit in.
  • Fixed - Translations for 'Additional Emails' were not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed - Some backups were not restoring even though the backups were genuine due to an implementation bug.
  • Fixed - Prevent double encoding of GZIP backups on Google Chrome when servers had GZIP content compression enabled.
  • Fixed - When restoring an invalid backup, 'null' would show up instead of an actual message.
22 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.05
  • Updated - Small code and query improvements when generating the form layout.
  • Fixed - Form layouts no longer generate a required marker for 'Invisible' CAPTCHA.
  • Fixed - 'Form' menu item wasn't taking into account 'Include Site Name in Page Titles' Global Configuration parameter.
  • Fixed - 'Form' menu item wasn't taking into account 'Meta description' and 'Meta keywords' parameters.
  • Fixed - 'Submissions - Directory' menu item wasn't taking into account 'Include Site Name in Page Titles' Global Configuration parameter.
  • Fixed - 'Submissions - Directory' menu item wasn't taking into account 'Meta description', 'Meta keywords' and 'Robots' parameters.
  • Fixed - 'Submissions - View' menu item wasn't taking into account 'Include Site Name in Page Titles' Global Configuration parameter.
  • Fixed - 'Submissions - View' menu item wasn't taking into account 'Meta description', 'Meta keywords' and 'Robots' parameters.
20 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.04
  • Fixed - Static submission headers were showing up incorrectly when editing a submission using 'Submissions - Directory'.
  • Fixed - Some submission values could be saved incorrectly when using 'Submissions - Directory'.
16 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.03
  • Fixed - In a particular case when multiple forms were present on the page, the conditional fields were not working correctly.
13 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.02
  • Updated - Syntax highlighting (CodeMirror) now matches brackets as well as tags.
09 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.01
  • Fixed - Creating a form through the wizard was no longer possible after the 1.50.0 update.
06 Oct 2014
Version 1.50.0
  • Added - Relative paths are now accepted as Destinations in the "File Upload" field.
  • Updated - Completely rewritten backup and restore functions.
  • Updated - Backup name can be customized.
  • Updated - New backup archives now allow you to keep the same form IDs when restoring.
  • Updated - Plugins can now inject their own data into the backup, restore it, as well as delete it when you delete a form.
    Please update your RSForm! Pro plugins as well.
  • Updated - Syntax Highlighting script (CodeMirror) updated to 4.6.1
  • Fixed - List of available placeholders wasn't working on first click.
  • Fixed - Not all form data was being deleted when you removed a form.
03 Sep 2014
Version 1.49.14
  • Fixed - Resolved some Javascript conflicts occurring when a form was being accessed through the "Add to backend menu" feature.
26 Aug 2014
Version 1.49.13
  • Fixed - The "{:text}" placeholder wasn't showing the correct value if the field contained calculations.
22 Jul 2014
Version 1.49.12
  • Fixed - In some cases JavaScript functions were being run multiple times when using Conditional Fields, causing delays.
12 Jun 2014
Version 1.49.11
  • Fixed - Calculations were throwing JS errors when using single quotes in separators.
12 Jun 2014
Version 1.49.10
  • Fixed - A JS issue when Google Maps was used with Result output = Coordinates.
12 Jun 2014
Version 1.49.09
  • Fixed - Fixed a bug that would prevent {if} statements to work properly.
27 May 2014
Version 1.49.08
  • Updated - Calendar now jumps to the min date when the 'minimum date' Date Modifier is used.
  • Fixed - The 'luhn' Validation Rule should not have been visible.
08 May 2014
Version 1.49.07
  • Updated - Minor layout improvements in the form editing area.
  • Fixed - Workaround for Joomla! 3.3 tooltips not displaying correctly.
29 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.06
  • Fixed - Parameter in URL was causing issues with dropdowns.
28 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.05
  • Updated - Improved Credit Card validation.
22 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.04
  • Fixed - Radios (checked by default) were not behaving correctly when using parameters in the URL.
17 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.03
  • Fixed - Checkboxes (checked by default) were not behaving correctly when using parameters in the URL.
15 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.02
  • Fixed - Multi-language issues when editing form.
14 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.01
  • Fixed - Manage Submissions - limit wasn't being displayed on Joomla! 3.x
02 Apr 2014
Version 1.49.0
  • Updated - Added some classes in the "Submissions - Directory" menu item..
  • Updated - Added breadcrumbs when viewing or editing a submission in the "Submissions - Directory" menu item.
  • Updated - Added breadcrumbs when viewing a submission "Submissions - View" menu item.
  • Updated - Added "Apply" button when editing a submission.
  • Updated - Submission information (DateSubmitted, UserIp etc) can now be edited in th "Submissions - Directory" menu item.
  • Added - Export submissions to Excel XML.
  • Added - Automatically set a default value from the URL.
  • Added - {if} scripting works in the "Submissions - View" menu item.
  • Added - Javascript function that can trigger all form conditions: rsfp_runAllConditions(formId).
  • Fixed - {if} scripting now ignores spacing (eg. {if {something:value}} and {if{something:value}} both work).
  • Fixed - "Force Responsive Template" was causing issues on some templates.
  • Fixed - PHP code no longer runs in the backend.
  • Fixed - "Search" no longer appears in the "Submissions - Directory" menu item if there are no searchable fields selected.
  • Fixed - {global:fullname} placeholder wasn't working in the Manage Directories - Details Layout area.
  • Fixed - Some error descriptions have been improved.
02 Apr 2014
We Switched from Rev XX to Version 1.x.x.
09 Sep 2013
Rev 48 - Joomla! 3.0 & 2.5 only
  • Added - List submissions as a directory with sortable & searchable columns
  • Added - Export selected submissions to CSV in the frontend
  • Added - Simple editing of submissions in the frontend
  • Added - Easily place Google Maps in your form
  • Added - Built-in field calculations
  • Added - Form access restriction
26 Jul 2013
Rev 47 - Joomla! 3.0 & 2.5 only
  • Fixed - Worked around JView bug introduced in Joomla! 3.1.2 and upwards
13 Mar 2013
Rev 46 - Joomla! 3.0 & 2.5 only
  • Updated - Two calendars can now be connected between each other by using the "Date Modifier" parameter
  • Updated - Calendars now accept custom PHP code in the "Min Date" and "Max Date" parameter
  • Updated - Redone calendar initialization script (cal.js)
  • Updated - Calendars can now be accessed through Javascript: format is RSFormProCalendars[formId][calendarName]
  • Updated - Newly created forms are using the "Responsive Layout" by default
  • Updated - Small performance improvements on form validation
  • Added - New "Birthday Field"
  • Added - Scripting language in User, Admin & Additional Emails and Thank You Message: {if {placeholder:value}}this text gets displayed if the placeholder has a value{/if}
  • Added - New "Validation Rule": "Same Value as Other Field" (ensures two fields have the same value)
  • Added - Configurable "XSS Filtering" option
  • Added - Ability to hide "Form Title"
  • Added - "Date Mask" in the Configuration
  • Added - New triggers for plugins: rsfp_bk_onCreateConditionOptionFields, rsfp_bk_onFormDelete, rsfp_bk_onFormCopy, rsfp_bk_onFormBackup, rsfp_bk_onFormRestoreTruncate.
  • Fixed - "Continue" button did not inherit the Responsive Layout's design
  • Fixed - When editing a submission, textareas are preferred over text inputs if there are new lines in the value
  • Fixed - SQL Mappings & Additional Emails were not being saved when copying a form
08 Jan 2013
Updated Payment Package. See blog post here
  • Updated - Completely rewritten "Total" field
  • Added - New placeholder: {field_name:price}
  • Added - New configuration items: "Product Price Mask" and "Total Price Mask"
  • Fixed - Code was not being parsed in the Items property before being redirected to payment gateway
  • Fixed - "|Please select" now works correctly
04 Dec 2012
Rev 45 - Joomla! 3.0 & 2.5 only
Please update your modules and plugins as well!
  • Updated - Joomla! 3.0 compatibility
  • Updated - Ability to set/unset required fields without editing the field properties
  • Updated - New Payment Plugin that allows for multiple payment options on the same form
  • Updated - Payment Plugin now supports a "donation" field
  • Added - Export to OpenDocument Spreadsheet
  • Added - New triggers that allow for ReCAPTCHA to be validated through AJAX
  • Added - New placeholders for Submissions View: {details_link} and {detailspdf_link}
  • Added - New Offline Payment Plugin
  • Fixed - Captcha now shows the required marker
01 Aug 2012
Rev 44
  • Updated - Mappings can now be modified through "Scripts called after form process"
  • Updated - Improved backend design
  • Updated - Now taking account the timezone set in the Global Configuration for new submissions
  • Added - New "RSForm! Pro PDF" plugin that allows you to create a PDF and attach it to emails
  • Added - New "Responsive" layout
  • Added - Built-in ability to do silent posts
  • Added - Now you can use template overrides
  • Added - Now you can use [d] to disable items in Dropdowns, Checkbox or Radio Groups
  • Fixed - "Prev" button was showing in the backend on the first page
  • Fixed - "Show Page Heading" is now working
  • Fixed - "Include Site Name in Page Titles" is now working
20 Feb 2012
Rev 43
  • Updated - Refactored some code for efficiency & speed
  • Updated - Using textareas for longer column types in Mappings
  • Added - Conditional Fields
  • Added - Ability to select if buttons should be input or button tags
  • Added - Now allowing HTML code when configuring mappings
  • Added - Basic Joomla! 2.5 ACL support
  • Fixed - Some language strings
  • Fixed - Mappings query was not saved correctly with some fields
  • Fixed - Mappings did not retrieve tables with special characters in their name
  • Fixed - Some language strings were left untranslated
  • Fixed - Form Layout was ignored when creating a form through the wizard
03 Oct 2011
Rev 42
  • Updated - Improved and refactored some code in order to increase server performance
  • Updated - Only numeric input accepted in file size
  • Added - Mailing workaround for 1.7.0 (which introduced a bug, always setting the Reply-To header)
  • Added - "Unique Field per User" validation - enable one field to be unique per user
  • Added - "Diagnose server upload settings" to aid in file upload debugging
  • Added - "Page Progress" option when using multipage forms
  • Fixed - "Error Message" now shows up when using AJAX validation
  • Fixed - "Support" and "Plugins" links now open in new tab
  • Fixed - getComponentId() not grabbing correct Form Id when SEF enabled
14 Sep 2011
Rev 41
  • Added - Plugin to migrate forms from Blue Flame Forms
  • Added - Fallback method for Joomla! language files
  • Added - "Unique Field" validation - check if the field is already submitted with this value
  • Added - "Email Address /w DNS Check" validation - check if the domain name of the email address exists
  • Added - "Credit Card (AMEX/Diners/Dicover/Master/Visa)" validation - check if a credit card is valid
  • Added - "USA ZIP Code" validation - check if supplied value is a valid zip code
  • Added - "Phone Number (123-456-7890)" validation - check if supplied value is a valid phone number
  • Added - "IP Address" validation
  • Added - "URL" validation
  • Added - "Regex" validation
  • Added - Syntax Highlighting for scripting areas - enabled from the Configuration section
  • Added - You can fail form validation by using the "Scripts called on form process" area and populating the $invalid variable
  • Added - Back to form button in Submissions area
  • Added - "Additional Emails Script" that will trigger whenever additional emails are sent
  • Added - Ability to show only confirmed submissions in the Submissions View (+ mod_rsform_list)
  • Added - Ability to sort submissions (by date) descending or ascending in the Submissions View (+ mod_rsform_list)
  • Fixed - HTML tags in Form Title showing up when browsing the Manage Forms section
  • Fixed - HTML tags in Form Title showing up in the backup page
  • Fixed - Calendar javascript now correctly translates days and months
  • Fixed - Passphrase validation (formerly password) now works on textboxes
  • Fixed - Added error message when restore cannot be performed
  • Removed - Debug Mode from Configuration
21 Jun 2011
Version 1.4.0 - Rev 40
  • Added - Ability to map form data to other database tables (local or remote) via the Mappings built-in feature. It can now execute insert, update and delete queries
  • Added - Save data to database (yes/no): You can now chose whether you wish to save the submission to the default RSform!Pro submission database tables.
  • Added - Convert forms to back-end menus items: You can have functional forms in the back-end area. These can be assigned to the Components menu item.
  • Added - Paypal cancel URL
  • Added - Paypal language code
  • Added - Paypal tax
  • Added - Additional emails: You can now send a unlimited number of emails, besides the usual User / Admin emails. Each of them can be configured separately.
  • Added - Search submissions front-end: A simple search form can be enabled to the RSform!Pro Submissions View
  • Added - Submission confirmation
  • Updated - Components view
15 Mar 2011
Rev 36
  • Added - Multi-language native support
  • Added - Filter submissions by language (admin)
  • Added - Ability to show submissions in front-end by language (in the Submissions View)
  • Added - mod_rsform_list can show submissions by language
31 Jan 2011
Rev 35
  • Updated - Joomla! 1.6 compatible
  • Updated - Improved reading configuration
  • Fixed - Meta data no longer is set when a form is in a module position
29 Dec 2010
Rev 34
  • Updated - Calendar javascript
  • Added - Ability to set minimum and maximum dates in the calendar
  • Added - Calendar retains the date when validation fails
  • Added - Default value for the calendar
  • Added - The calendar date selection event can be overridden with a javascript function rsfp_onSelectDate() inside your form
  • Added - Year navigation for the calendar
  • Added - Warning when no submit buttons are found in the form
  • Added - Ability to show or hide the Continue button on the Thank You page
  • Added - Manager Submissions date filter
  • Fixed - AJAX validation now moves the page where the first error is encountered
  • Fixed - Themes loaded on Thank You Page as well
  • Fixed - Pagination buttons can now be styled by Themes
  • Fixed - Adding onclick to Page Buttons or a class in the Additional Attributes gets appended instead of ignored
  • Fixed - Improved Invisible CAPTCHA
21 Oct 2010
Rev 33
  • Added - A "Submissions" view with the same functionality as mod_rsform_list
  • Added - Download a submission as PDF through the new "Submissions" view
  • Added - Additional fields for Salesforce: description, mobile, fax, website, salutation, revenue, employees
  • Added - Custom fields for Salesforce
  • Added - Custom themes support, with the following preinstalled: Clean, Green, Red
  • Added - The form can now be validated when switching to the next page
  • Added - CSS classes for each form block and for the form components as well
  • Added - "Submissions" button when editing a form
  • Added - Message showing which form is being edited
  • Fixed - Added a random number when generating CAPTCHA to avoid image caching
  • Fixed - SQL improvements when loading the RSForm! Pro configuration
  • Fixed - Excel UTF-8 export
30 Sep 2010
Rev 32
  • Updated - Calendar javascript
  • Added - Form Attributes when editing a form (ID, class, name, action, additional)
  • Added - Forms can now have AJAX validation
  • Added - Required and Validation Rules columns are now shown in the backend for increased usability
  • Added - A new placeholder {Upload:path} to show direct file locations on the server
  • Added - When scrolling down to edit an element, the window scrolls itself on top for a better editing workflow
  • Fixed - Hacks for 3rd Party SEF
  • Fixed - Tweaked restore from older versions
  • Fixed - Retweaked cache handling
13 Aug 2010
Rev 31
  • Added - The continue button can now be modified through the $continueButton variable in "Script called after form has been processed"
  • Fixed - Added Legacy mode for old adapter and functions compatibility
  • Fixed - Properly escaping HTML in some backend locations
  • Fixed - Upload field bug with PHP5
  • Fixed - Few bugs from Rev 30
10 Aug 2010
Version 1.3.0 - Rev 30
  • Rewrote using Joomla! MVC architecture
  • Updated - Main panel
  • Updated - "Manage Submissions" has been redesigned
  • Updated - Export to CSV now offers a small preview of the file before exporting
  • Updated - Now using INI language files instead of PHP constants
  • Updated - Heavily improved performance by optimizing the number of SQL queries performed (70% queries reduced)
  • Updated - Files are now read by PHP and prompted for download to the user, instead of relying on the file's URL
  • Updated - "Add to menu" now redirects you to a Joomla! menu item so you can choose all of the available options
  • Updated - Look and feel throughout the software
  • Added - Multipage built-in capability
  • Added - Drag and drop for ordering form fields
  • Added - Effect when editing a form field
  • Added - Able to specify custom CSS and Javascript in your form
  • Added - Ability to show or hide the Thank You Message
  • Added - Multiple selections (dropdowns, checkboxes) can now be separated by a custom string
  • Added - New lines from textareas can be transformed into
  • Added - Attaching a file from your server to an email can now be browsed with a built-in file manager
  • Added - Clicking on any field where you can type a placeholder now brings a list of all available placeholders
  • Added - Email Scripts that can be run before emails are sent
  • Added - Salesforce integration with the new Salesforce Plugin
  • Added - Editing a submission in a separate screen while retaining all the field types instead of just inputs or textareas
  • Added - Ability to select which columns to show in the "Manage Submissions" screen
  • Added - Export to Excel
  • Added - Export to XML
  • Added - Single submissions can be exported to PDF
  • Added - File Upload fields can now have a custom prefix instead of the default random one
  • Fixed - Form field properties are now added when the field is saved if missing
  • Fixed - Attaching files which contain a single quote
  • Fixed - Properly escaping HTML in several locations in the backend
  • Fixed - Minor Javascript warnings
10 Jun 2010
Rev 29
  • Added - "Clear All Submissions" button for each form
  • Added - "Manage Forms" reworked for increased usability
  • Fixed - Renamed a calendar function so it doesn't conflict with other JavaScripts
  • Fixed - "Manage Submissions" filters are now on the left side on the screen
  • Fixed - "Manage Submissions" POST error when dealing with large submissions
  • Fixed - Changed FormLayout column from TEXT to LONGTEXT
  • Fixed - Meta information and error messages are now copied correctly
27 Jan 2010
Rev 28
  • Added - Updates are now installed through Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  • Added - Meta Description, Keywords and Page Title for each form
  • Added - Emails can now be re-sent through the Manage Submissions area
  • Added - Required fields can now be marked with a custom text, instead of (*)
  • Added - Warning message if Autogenerate Layout is disabled
  • Added - Custom error message to be shown if form validation fails
  • Added - New XHTML Layout: 2 lines
  • Added - The following placeholders are now available in the Form Layout or in the Default Value of a form component:
    {global:formtitle}, {global:username}, {global:userip}, {global:userid}, {global:useremail}, {global:fullname}, {global:sitename}, {global:siteurl}
  • Added - Optiongroups to dropdowns. Just use "Group Name[g]" to specify the start of an and "Group Name[/g]" as the closing tag
  • Fixed - Redirected all requests from index2.php to index.php
  • Fixed - Added HTML entity coding in AJAX functions
  • Fixed - Renamed captcha class to rsfp_captcha in order to avoid Acajoom bug
  • Fixed - Export now starts automatically
  • Fixed - Added error message if export path is not writable
09 Nov 2009
Rev 27
  • Added - router.php for Joomla! core SEF
  • Fixed - Action URI
  • Fixed - Attachments did not work if the uploaded file contains a single quote
  • Fixed - Email validation did not work for emails that contained an extra space
  • Fixed - Improvements on the Update installer
28 Oct 2009
Rev 26
  • Added - Custom char validation rules
  • Added - Ajax export function
  • Added - Useable palceholders in User email attach
  • Added - Multiple products in the paypal plugin
  • Fixed - When exporting all new lines were stripped
  • Fixed - Ajax responses forced in UTF-8
19 Jun 2009
Rev 25
  • Added - License changed to GPL Commercial
  • Added - Joomla!'s keepalive behavior for the Form Editing page
  • Added - IIS Compatibility mode - some Windows IIS servers had problems when submitting a form
  • Added - WYSIWYG Editor Compatiblity mode - editors stripping your website's URLs from links
  • Added - CAPTCHA modes: FreeType (for servers with FreeType support), No FreeType (for servers without FreeType support) and Invisible (a hidden textbox that spambots will automatically fill)
  • Fixed - Revised the XSS protection script to ignore false alerts
  • Fixed - Menu parameters not being read correctly
  • Fixed - Bug in Manage Submissions; when editing a submission, some fields were not saved correctly
  • Fixed - Bug when clicking on the Cancel button
  • Fixed - Bug when creating a new form always showing {global:formtitle}
  • Fixed - Changed the "No formId" message into something more appealing
  • Fixed - Redone all SQL queries to use Joomla!'s JDatabase Object
  • Fixed - Optimized queries: A few queries used unneeded joins; decreased the number of queries
  • Fixed - Layout generating code optimized
  • Fixed - File link not being displayed correctly when using SSL
  • Fixed - Backups no longer hardcode the Joomla! database prefix
20 Jun 2009
Rev 24
  • Added - Improved 3rd party plugin integration
  • Fixed - Migration plugin when importing submissions
28 Apr 2009
Rev 23
  • Fixed - Speed improvements by adding indexes to the database
  • Fixed - Return URL not working on some servers
  • Fixed - Submission manager redirect bug
  • Fixed - When adding a form to menu, no alias was created
  • Fixed - Removing forward slashes \ from uploaded files when hosted on Windows
09 Mar 2009
Rev 22
  • Added - XHTML Inline layout (tableless design)
  • Added - WYSIWYG Editor for Textarea component
  • Added - Modify CAPTCHA image size
  • Fixed - No longer required to type the form Id when adding a form to the Joomla! menu
  • Fixed - Image button with reset label not working properly
  • Fixed - Redone cleaning functions to consider the magic quotes setting
  • Fixed - Major SQL queries redone
  • Fixed - Various PHP code improvements
20 Feb 2009
Rev 21
  • Added - Improved backup and restore procedures
  • Fixed - Bug when deleting the title of a form
  • Fixed - Bug when not specifying the max file size of the upload
17 Feb 2009
Version 1.2.0 - Rev 20
  • Added - Script process after form is submitted
  • Added - Radio and checkbox groups will now parse code tags
  • Added - Can attach a file to the user email
  • Fixed - Renamed class "clr" to "formClr" so that it won't overwrite other template classes
  • Fixed - Replaced a buggy short open tag
  • Fixed - Small improvements to the calendar javascript
  • Fixed - SQL error when duplicating forms
  • Fixed - Maxlength now works
  • Fixed - Reset buttons now inherit properties
  • Fixed - Uppercase tables should now be renamed to lowercase
  • Fixed - Thank you message not showing up when using multibyte characters
  • Fixed - Forms no longer show up when unpublished
  • Fixed - PHP Notice when a form component is unpublished
  • Fixed - File uploads
  • Fixed - Replaced addslashes() with the recommended mysql_real_escape_string()
  • Fixed - Reply-to: address is now From: address when sending emails
  • Fixed - Submissions default limit is 20
  • Fixed - Javascript message when deleting a form
  • Fixed - Submission manager code improvements and optimizations
  • Fixed - Backend language
28 Jul 2008
Rev 17
  • Fixed - missing from Scripts tab
  • Fixed - Multiple choices in e-mail returned "\n" or "n"
  • Fixed - Bug showing errors
15 Jul 2008
Version 1.1.0 - Rev 16
  • Added - the mappings plugin
10 Jul 2008
Rev 15
  • Fixed - Bug in migration, migrating only one form
  • Fixed - Migrated components cannot be fully edited
08 Jul 2008
Rev 14
  • Fixed - Captcha Image had no ALT tag
  • Fixed - XHTML validation was not valid
03 Jul 2008
Rev 13
  • Added - tag for form components that allows you to return php variables and scripts
20 Jun 2008
Rev 12
  • Fixed - export only generates 5 rows
  • Fixed - when
10 Jun 2008
Version 1.0.1 - Rev 11
  • Fixed - WISIWYG (other than TinyMCE) not showing
09 Jun 2008
Rev 10
  • Fixed - file types identified with strtolower
  • Added - max_execution_time 300 on backup/restore for bigger backups
  • Fixed - Captcha doesn't show up in plugin/mambot
  • Fixed - Captcha refresh doesn't work properly
05 Jun 2008
Rev 9
  • Fixed - empty field values were not replaced in the mail text {field:value}
04 Jun 2008
Rev 8
  • Added - Debug option
02 Jun 2008
Rev 7
  • Fixed - $25.000 was not showing properly in dropdown
30 May 2008
Rev 6
  • Fixed - running script called on form process after validation
29 May 2008
Rev 5
  • Fixed - rename rsform.xml on install
  • Fixed - created separate installers for Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 due to incompatibilities created by an unique installer
29 May 2008
Rev 4
  • Fixed - The backup and update should use the Joomla /media folder
  • Fixed - Captcha color and background color
  • Fixed - Preview button in Joomla 1.5.x
  • Fixed - Error when adding single quotes in Additional attributes
26 May 2008
Rev 3
  • Fixed Add form to menu
  • Fixed Multiple-Select component
  • Fixed Auto-generate layout tick
  • Fixed Installer CHmod/MKdir
  • Fixed Emails always sent(even without the to parameter)
  • Added License Code check on Updates
  • Added validation rules: numeric, alpha, alphanumeric
  • Added "Copy components"
  • Fixed - "Copy forms"
  • Fixed - Automatic saved more vizible to the client
  • Fixed - Reguire confirmation on "Delete all" and "Delete selected" (submissions tab)
  • Added the XSS script for POST
  • Added placeholders to the return URL
  • Added a button for adding a new menu item in each row in Form Manager
08 Apr 2008
Rev 2
  • Fixed predefined layouts
  • Fixed publish/unpublish forms
  • Fixed Admin email mode
  • Fixed multi-language
  • Fixed placeholders for file-upload component
  • Fixed ticket number form component
  • Fixed validation message on Required = yes
  • Fixed delete submissions
  • Fixed Copy Forms
  • Fixed Copy Components - duplicate names
  • Fixed - If "Autogenerate Layout" checkbox is checked, autogenerate the layout
  • Fixed - On the right side of the "Thank you message", "User emails", "Admin emails", place the name of the components used
  • Fixed - On the submission side should be a Download file link for the upload fields
  • Fixed - Added the "Preview button" on the top left side
  • Fixed - Added the default validation message
  • Fixed - Added validation sign (*) for reguired fields
04 Apr 2008
Version 1.0.0 - Rev 1
  • Fixed export tool
  • Fixed Return URL to parse placeholders
  • Fixed Apply button to work on all tabs
  • Fixed Delete Button

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