Warning open_basedir restriction in effect

After running the System Check I am receiving warning messages about open_basedir restrictions.


The System Check will attempt to fix your PHP configuration by creating a php.ini file in your WordPress root folder (action triggered by the "Attemp to fix PHP configuration" button). The respective file contains the adjusted settings of your php variables. One of this variables is open_basedir which limits the files that can be opened by PHP to the specified directory-tree. By default, the paths to your WordPress root folder and your Temp-folder should be added to the allowed paths list, however other plugins may require additional paths to be added to the respective list. In order to add other paths to open_basedir you will have to edit the php.ini file from your WordPress root folder and add the paths as it is presented here:

  • For Windows: open_basedir=/path/to/your/root_folder;/path/to/your/temp_folder;/path/to/your/additional_folder
  • For Linux: open_basedir=/path/to/your/root_folder:/path/to/your/temp_folder:/path/to/your/additional_folder
Note: Improper configuration of this variable may cause your entire WordPress site to break.

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