File Permissions Check - You have files with permissions higher than 644

The File Permissions Check will alert you which files in your Joomla! installation have permissions greater than 644. This is highly important for your website's security, as the way in which you set up permissions for your website's files dictates which user groups have permissions to read/write/execute those files.

644 file permissions

Setting up file permissions is done in a different manner than folder permissions. The Owner should be allowed to read and write files (without execution permissions), whereas other user groups should only be allowed to read files.

To achieve this, you will need to set up file permissions to 644.

To trigger this functionality, head to Components > RSFirewall! > System Check and click on perform the System Check.

The component offers a tool that can attempt to automatically fix the permissions set for the highlighted files, but the success of this action really depends on how the hosting provider has set some permissions for your website.

The System Check functionality will check the permissions set for your website's files and will highlight the items that have permissions higher than recommended.


Please refer to the online Joomla! documentation for more information on how file permissions are being calculated.

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