File Integrity Check - The file has been modified

The RSFirewall! System Check does a complete Joomla! file system scan. The scanner checks if each Joomla! file is intact. To trigger this functionality, head to Components > RSFirewall! > System Check and perform the System Check. RSFirewall! will notify you if any of your installation's files have been modified.


Most common causes for file changes occurrences:

  • You have modified the files yourself: If this is the case, you can set up the component to ignore these files by selecting them and clicking on Accept changes for the selected files.
  • You have uploaded the files using the ASCII transfer type: If you find yourself in this situation, please refer to the RSFirewall! alerts that many Joomla! files have been modified article in RSFirewall!'s documentation section.
  • You haven't modified the files yourself: If the component notifies you that some files have been modified, and you have not performed this action yourself, your website was, most likely, hacked.

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