Scrambled tags (iframe becomes i-frame)

If you are trying to add a script, style or iframe tag in one of your Joomla! articles or 3rd party component and the tag is scrambled after you save your changes, this is caused by one of the protection filters applied by RSFirewall!: the JS Protections filter. This option will help protect you against JavaScript injections by disrupting the starting tags, for example an <iframe> tag will be changed to <i-frame>


In order to avoid this filtering you can:

  • add the IP of the working PC you are using in the RSFirewall! safelist(Components > RSFirewall! > Blocklist/Safelist) - this way all the security filters and restrictions applied by the component will be ignored for your IP
  • add an exception in the RSFirewall! - Exceptions tab - you can read more about these exceptions here
  • edit the JS Protections settings from the Active Scanner configuration(Components > RSFirewall! > Firewall Configuration > Active Scanner) and disable the filter for POST or GET data depending on your scenario

Disrupted tags won't rectify themselves, you'll have to manually correct these afterwards.

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