RSFirewall! interferes with a component I'm using

If you are having trouble using a particular component when the RSFirewall! Plugin is enabled, you can set up an exception for it:

  • Head to Components > RSFirewall! > Exceptions
  • Click on New
  • Select Component in the Exception Type dropdown
  • Add com_the_name_of_your_component in the Match textbox. If you do not know the name (it must start with com_ as this is the Joomla! standard) you can go to Components > click on your component and look at the URL in the address bar to find the name. For example, if you'll go to Components > Smart Search you'll notice that the url changed to index.php?option=com_finder. In this case, com_finder is what you're looking for.
  • Set Skip JS Protections, Skip PHP Protections, Skip SQL Protections and Skip Upload Protections to Yes.
  • Click on Save or Save & Close.

By setting up the exception described above, RSFirewall! will disregard any potential injection associated with the specified component.

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