RSFirewall! doesn't allow me to add HTML, CSS or JavaScript to a module

Sometimes RSFirewall! can be a little too restrictive when it comes to PHP, JavaScript and SQL protections. For example, when users attempt to save the modifications they made to their module files, RSFirewall! will block this and consider it a JavaScript injection. To avoid this, you can create an exception:

  • Head to Components > RSFirewall! > Exceptions
  • Click on New
  • Select Component in the Exception Type dropdown
  • Add com_modules in the Match textbox
  • Set Skip PHP Protections, Skip SQL Protections and Skip Upload Protections to No.
  • Set Skip JS Protections to Yes.
  • Click on Save or Save & Close.

By setting up the exception described above, RSFirewall! will disregard any potential JavaScript injection associated with the com_modules component.


Important note:

When you save modules files that contain <script> or <iframe> tags (without having created an exception similar to the one presented in this article) , RSFirewall! will modify these tags into <s-cript> and <i-frame> instead, thus disabling their functionality by rendering them unrecognisable by web browsers. Please note that, after creating the exception, RSFirewall! will not change the tags to their original state, you will need to do so manually.

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