No HTTP response code found

If you have recently updated your website to the latest Joomla! version - 2.5.16, you might get the following message in the RSFirewall! CPanel Module's RSFirewall! and Joomla! update status sections:

No HTTP response code found

The error message is generated by a bug in Joomla!'s framework (it doesn't take into account that cURL wrappers are keeping headers data differently than regular HTTP wrappers), and it occurs only when PHP is compiled using the "--with-curlwrappers" feature. To verify if this is your case, please head to:

Site >> System Information >> PHP Information and look under Configure Command , you should find "--with-curlwrappers" amongst the configuration options.

Fortunately, this inconvenience can be corrected using a simple fix:

  • Head to /libraries/joomla/http/transport/ and edit the stream.php file
  • Scroll down to the line containing // Get the response code from the first offset of the response headers.
  • Add the following code before it:
    if (isset($headers['headers'])) {
    $headers = $headers['headers'];

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