Media Module

The RSFiles! Media allows you to add a video/audio player with your RSFiles! files. This is available for download in My downloads area > RSFiles! - view all plugins and modules.

To install the plugin simply head to Extensions > Install / Uninstall, browse the file and click Upload and Install.

As configuration parameters the module has the following options:

  • Module class suffix: you can use this to control the module's CSS.
  • Select Folder: select the download folder.
  • Media Type: you can select the media type: audio, video or both.
  • Show poster: you can show or hide the poster for audio files.
  • Number of Results: the number of displayed items
  • Player Width: set the player width, for example 600px or 100%.
  • Ordering: set the files ordering, you can choose between Name, Date and Hits .
  • Ordering direction: The ordering direction can be set to Ascending or Descending based on the above selection.

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