RSFiles! offers the possibility to keep statistic records in regards to your configured file via the Statistics tab.

A Bulk delete statistics is also provided, this option will allow you to delete the statistics for the desired files by selecting them and clicking on the "Delete" button at the top.

You can also keep the file statistics even after the file is removed from your downloads by enabling the 'Keep Statistics' option from the general component settings. The date the file was deleted from your downloads will be listed in the 'Date removed' column.


The statistic option can be enabled per file: Components > RSFiles! > Files > edit a file > General > Enable statistics. Having this option enabled the site administrator will be able to see the total downloads and generic info such as: date, IP, username or referer.

An Export to CSV option is also provided, this will allow you to export the statistics for the desired files by clicking on the button at the top left.

When the 'Clear statistics' functionality is used upon editing a file statistic, it will delete only the number of Downloads, not the number of Hits.


Enabling the statistics for your files, you will be able to see a graph on the component's dashboard for the Downloads and Hits


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