Migrate RSFiles! from Joomla! 2.5 to 3.x

RSFiles! does not include an import / export feature, but migrating the component is possible through some workarounds.

Transferring the files

Using a FTP client, you'll have to transfer the files from one installation to another. Make sure to replicate the exact same folder structure on your new installation.

Transferring the database tables

Using a database manager (like phpMyAdmin), backup the following tables:

  • dbprefix_rsfiles_config
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_emails
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_email_downloads
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_files
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_groups
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_licenses
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_mirrors
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_reports
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_screenshots
  • dbprefix_rsfiles_statistics

and import them into the Joomla! 3.x website's database.


  • Before backing up the tables listed above, make sure to first update RSFiles!, on both websites, to the latest version available.
  • You may find yourself in the situation where, after importing the tables in the new website's database, the data is not associated correctly with your files. If this is the case, check the entries in the _rsfiles_files table, in the FilePath column. Here, the files relative path should be stored. In case an absolute path is presented instead, update these entries to reflect relative paths.
  • Files that were uploaded within Briefcase folders also have a user ID associated with them in the _rsfiles_files table. This means that you will need to also transfer the default Joomla! _users table as well, in order to keep these references.

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