Filenames are not being displayed in the frontend

If you find yourself in the situation where filenames are not being displayed in the frontend listings, please note that this issue is not actually being generated by RSFiles!, but by your template. This can be easily tested by applying one of Joomla!'s default templates, you will notice that the file names are present.


Although the best approach would be to contact your template developer, if you possess some CSS knowledge you can try handling this yourself:

In more detail, your template's CSS definitions are overriding Joomla!'s standard modal class, which controls the modal / lightbox functionality. You can locate the exact file in which this class is being overridden by inspecting the element with Firebug (or any similar browser plugin), it will point the exact locations for all CSS definitions.

After locating the definitions for the modal class in your template's files, simply rename the class to modal2 and save the file.

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