RSFeedback! module

RSFeedback! module enables you to display a list of feedbacks on a module position.

Besides the standard Joomla! module parameters (title, position, access and menu assignment), the RSFeedback! module provides the following configuration options:

  • Feedback Categories: choose the category on which you want to display feedbacks from.
  • Custom Text: filling this text area will enable you to display a message (HTML) before the actual feedback listing.
  • Show Link: yes/no - choosing "yes" will display the feedback title as a link. Clicking on it will open the feedback page.
  • Feedback Limit: numeric value - how many feedbacks will be displayed.
  • Sort by: Title/Date/Votes.
  • Sort direction: ascending/descending.
  • Module Class Suffix: setting a class suffix will enable you to control the CSS of the actual module.
  • Itemid: this is used for SEF purpose. It will basically add a menu item parameter when opening a link from the module.

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