In the Statuses screen you can create/delete statuses for your feedbacks, and also publish or unpublish them. By default the following statuses are created: None, Accepted, Declined and Completed. Also these statuses cannot be deleted or renamed, but can be unpublished.

Configuration options:
  • Published:Yes / No. Set this to yes if you want to publish the status
  • Title: Specify the status Title
  • Icon: Choose a status Icon
  • Allow Voting:Yes / No. Allow users to vote if the feedback has this status.
  • Allow Commenting:Yes / No. Allow users to post comments using the internal commenting system if the feedback has this status.
  • Reset votes automatically:Yes / No. The votes will be removed automatically for the feedback that will receive this status.

In RSFeedback! you can also translate the statuses by adding the status name in UPPERCASE and it's translation in your language file (language/fr-FR/fr-FR.com_rsfeedback.ini). For example:

COM_RSFEEDBACK_STATUS_NEWNAME="add translation here"

Replace the "NEWNAME" from the syntax above with your status name.

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