RSFeedback! Configuration

The RSFeedback! Configuration area is where global component configuration takes place. This section can be accessed from the backend Components > RSFeedback - Option button (upper-right corner). The area is divided into four tabs: General, Feedbacks, Captcha, Moderation E-mails.

  • Update Code: unique code that is used to check for component updates. This can be generated, after you have registered a domain, in the My Memberships area.
  • Date format: here you can set date mask. This format will be used to display dates through RSFeedback. The masks are PHP date standard.
  • Enable HTML Editor: yes/no. Select if you wish to enable the HTML editor for the feedback and category submission forms in front-end.
  • Show editor buttons: yes/no. This option is available only when HTML editor is allowed in the front-end.
  • Enable comments: default commenting system/disabled or a list of the most popular commenting system (RSComments, JComments or Jom Comments). If default is selected a basic commenting system will be displayed.
  • Feedback title max length: numeric value that will limit the maximum length of a feedback title.
  • Maximum votes per user: the maximum number of votes a user can submit.
  • Allow subscriptions: if enabled, a Subscribe button will be displayed on the feedback page. This will allow you to receive a email notification whenever a new comment has been published for that particular feedback.
  • Share on Facebook: yes/no.
  • Share on Twitter: yes/no.
  • Share on Google+: yes/no.
  • Share on Blogger: yes/no.
  • Share on Reddit: yes/no.
  • Share on LinkedIn: yes/no.
  • Share on Pinterest: yes/no.
  • Share Yahoo! Messenger: yes/no.

If enabled, the following captcha settings will be applied:

  • Spam protection: built-in/reCaptcha - what captcha system should be used
  • Characters: numeric value of how many chars should be generated.
  • Generate lines: yes/no - if built in captcha is enabled you can set it to generate some random lines to make spam guessing more difficult.
  • Case sensitive: yes/no - if enabled upper and lower case letters will be taken into consideration upon validating the string
  • reCAPTCHA Public Key - if reCaptcha is used a public key is required
  • reCAPTCHA Private Key - if reCaptcha is used a private key is required
  • reCAPTCHA Theme: red/white/blackglass/clean
Moderation E-mails

Within this tab you will find two textareas:

  • Feedback e-mails: If a new feedback that requires moderation is added, these are the e-mails that will be notified. Each email is added on a new row.
  • Category e-mails: If a new category that requires moderation is added, these are the e-mails that will be notified. Same as for the feedback emails, each email will have to be added on a new line.

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