The administration Feedback area provides a listing of all the configured feedbacks that reside on your installation. Basic feedback management is centralized in this particular area. Here you can: add/edit a feedback, delete, archive, publish and unpublish.


As listing columns, the following information is displayed: Feedback Title, Category, Status, Submitted by, Number of votes, User Flags, Submission Date and Hits.


Clicking on the Add or Edit buttons will display the feedback configuration area.

  • Manage Votes Button - this area provides a way to manage the votes that a feedback has. The listing encloses the user that posted the vote (if was logged in), the number of points assigned by that user. The votes can be removed at any time, using the "Delete" button located on the top right corner. The votes can also be reseted.
  • Manage Flags Button - feedbacks can be flagged to enhance a certain a certain meaning to it. When a user flags a feedback this action will be reflected in this area. This is useful when dealing with manual feedback moderation. You can define a the list of your flags in the Flags tab area.

Editing a feedback

The following information will be either only displayed, or editable:

  • State: Published / Unpublished
  • Feedback Title: The feedback's title
  • Category: The category associated with the feedback
  • Status: Select a status for the feedback.
  • Submitted by: The submitter's name (this cannot be adjusted since it's automatically generated)
  • Submission Date: The date the feedback was submitted on (this cannot be adjusted since it's automatically generated)
  • Feedback description: A WYSIWYG editor in which you can type the feedback's content

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