When I enable the Artio JoomSEF plugin, RSFeedback! is no longer displayed correctly on my site.

Each time I enable the Artio JoomSEF plugin the RSFeedback! pop-up window is not displaying the feedbacks.

This issue is generated because Artio JoomSEF is not keeping the Item Id for RSFeedback! in the URL and so the pop-up window will point to an invalid page.

A workaround for this issue is to create a separate menu item for RSFeedback! (List Feedbacks item) which should be published on your site. The menu item can be created by going to Menus >> select your menu >> New >> RSFeedback! >> List Feedbacks.

Once the menu item is created an Item Id can be found in it's URL. The Item Id should be copied and set in the RSFeedback! System Plugin(Extensions >> Plugin Manager >> System - RSFeedback! >> ItemId).

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