Updating to a newer version

You can update the template to a newer version using one of the below described methods:

  • 1) Updating your template by downloading the package from our website and installing it over your current version.
  • 2) Updating the template using the default Joomla! update functionality.

Updating RSFedra! by downloading and installing the package
Step 1) Login to RSJoomla! website
How to Login to RSJoomla! website
Step 2) Go to Downloads > Paid Downloads
How to Download Template on RSJoomla! website 2

Download RSFedra!

How to Download Template on RSJoomla! website 3
Step 3) Install the package

Install the package through the standard Joomla! installer as explained in the Performing a new installation article.

Updating RSFedra! directly from your administrator panel
Step 1) Go to RSFedra! Installer Plugin

Extensions > Plugin Manager and search for "Installer - RSFedra!". Make sure it is installed and published.

Go to Installer Plugin RSFedra!
Step 2) Insert your license code
  • The Update Code is not delivered by email and is 20 characters long.
  • If you don't know how to find your license code check out the article where do I find my license code

Click on the "Installer - RSFedra!". Make sure you paste your code in the "Update Code" textbox and click "Save".

Insert your license code to Installer Plugin RSFedra!
Step 3) Go to Extensions - Manage - Update

Proceed to Extensions > Manage > Update and click on Find updates.

Note that every time we'll release an update of RSFedra! you will get a notification message in the administrator > control panel section of your website.

Step 4) Update RSFedra! Template

Select RSFedra! 1.0.xx Template for Joomla! 3 and click on "Update" button as shown in the image below.

Select RSFedra! 1.0.xx Template for Joomla! 3 and Update

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