Stripe Payment Plugin

This RSEvents!Pro Stripe Payment Plugin is commercial and needs to be purchased separately. The price of the plugin is: 9 EUR.
You can buy it by accessing Customer Area > My memberships > Active Memberships > clicking the 'Buy Extra Plugins' button of your RSEvents!Pro license.

The RSEvents!Pro Stripe plugin allows users to pay for event subscriptions using Stripe payment processor.

The plugin can be installed like any other Joomla! extension: Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File, browse the file and click Upload and Install. More details on the installation process can be found here.

Plugin Configuration:

As configuration parameters, (RSEvents!Pro > Payment Integrations > RSEvents!Pro Stripe payment plugin), you have the following options:

  • Secret Key (sk_): this should be located in your Stripe account settings (more details).
  • Publishable Key (pk_): this should be located in your Stripe account settings (more details).
  • Use Tokens: No/Yes - when enabled, this will include the Stripe js library which replaces your credit card fields with Stripe fields, sending all credit card data directly to Stripe instead of passing it through your server.
  • Tax Type: Percent (%) / Fixed Rate
  • Tax Value: Amount of tax. Total amount of the transaction must include this amount.

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