Why is the "Join" button not displayed on the event page?

If the event subscribe button (Join) button is not being displayed on the event page, please make sure to meet the following requrements:

  • The event in question has the registration option enabled. This is available within the Event details tab (Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Events >> edit your event >> "Event details" tab)
  • The current date is within the allowed registration interval (if configured). This can be configured within the Event registration tab(Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Events >> edit your event >> "Event registration" tab)
  • The user you are logged in with belongs to an RSEvents!Pro group (Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Groups) that allows event registration (the "Users in this group can register" option should be set to "Yes")
  • If you have used template overrides, please temporary remove it and use the default template

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