Why do i have different times when exporting events (CSV or ical) ?

RSEvents!Pro is designed to save the event dates in the UTC standard time. When the events listing pages or the event details pages are generated, the compnent first retrieves the UTC time from the database and then adds the additional hours dictated by your timezone settings(Site > Global Configuration > Server > Location Settings).

When an export is made, the information from the databse is used, thus the time of the events will not take into account the timezone settings of your Joomla! installation. If your second Joomla! installation or 3rd party application (Outlook for example) has a different timezone settings, then the time of the events will not correspond to the time displayed in your Joomla! site.

In order to correct this you will need to make sure that the timezone settings of your Joomla! site and the application you are importing the events into are the same.

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