How to retrieve the owner email when using a custom form

When using a custom form built in RSForm!Pro you can easily retrieve the email address of the event owner though custom scripting. You will need to:

  • add a hidden field to your form where the email will be stored;
  • in the Default Value property of the field add the following code:
$eventId = JFactory::getApplication()->input->getInt('id');
$db = JFactory::getDBO();
$query = "SELECT `owner` FROM #__rseventspro_events WHERE `id`=".$eventId." ";
$ownerId = $db->loadResult();
$query2 = "SELECT `email` FROM #__users WHERE `id`=".$ownerId." ";
$owner = $db->loadResult();
return $owner;

You will then be able to use the email through the hidden field's placeholder.

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