How to invite people to your RSEvents!Pro events

RSEvents!Pro offers website visitors the possibility to send email invitations to their friends, summoning them to participate to your event. This is a step-by-step guide to how this can be implemented.


Enabling this option is as simple as it gets. No special permissions are required, you just need to enable this be editing the event either from the backend or fronted. In the event's Frontend tab, you will find the Show invite option. Check it and that's it:

The 'Invite' Email

The email that gets sent to the specified email addresses can be customized. Head to Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Settings >> Emails and edit the Invite email. You can either send it as or and choose whether to Enable optional message (submitted in the invitation layout) or not:

Defaulting the 'Show invite' option

If you want to have this option checked by default when creating events in the frontend, head to Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Groups >> edit a group >> Event options >> Event details tab >> set Show invite to Yes:

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