How to integrate Disqus Comments on your Event Pages

In this article we will provide a step by step guide to integrate Disqus Comments on the event pages created with RSEvents!Pro. Please keep in mind, you will need to update the component to the following version: RSEvents!Pro 1.7.0

  • Head over to Disqus and sign-up/log-in;
  • After clicking "Add Disqus to Your Site" you will be prompted with the following form:
  • Site Name: Insert the name of your site here;
  • Choose your unique Disqus URL: This will become your site's Shortname (needed for RSEvents!Pro);
  • Category: Assign your Disqus to a predefined category
  • Backend settings for RSEvents!Pro:
  • Head over to Components > RSEvents!Pro > Settings > Events (Comments)
  • Change the commenting system to - Disqus
  • Insert the Disqus Forum Shortname
  • Save
Following the above mentioned steps, will integrate Disqus as your Event commenting system. End result can be seen below:

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