How to allow frontend users to add an RSEvents!Pro event

Allowing frontend users to add events is an important part of RSEvents!Pro, as this is quite a common scenario. This article provides a step-by-step guide for implementing such a functionality on your website.

The Create Event menu item

RSEvents!Pro includes such capabilities by default, through the Create Event menu item:

  • Scroll your mouse over Menus >> your menu >> click on Add New Menu Item
  • click on Select and, in the RSEvents!Pro section, click on Create event.
  • configure the menu item to suit your needs

Group permissions

For users to be able to create events, they need to be part of RSEvents!Pro groups that have enough permissions set for doing so:

  • Head to Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Groups and click on New.
  • Provide a name for your group (you can set any name)
  • Choose one or more default Joomla! groups that will be added to this custom group. You can also add individual user accounts.
  • In the General Permissions tab, set Users in this group can post events to Yes. Additionally, you can also Edit events, Download event files and Upload event files.

RSEvents!Pro also includes an error handling feature. It allows you to decide what action should be taken when the frontend user who does not have enough permissions tries to access the Create Event menu item: either display a 500 error, a 403 error or redirect the user (this varies depending on what feature the user is trying to access. In our scenario, he will be redirected to the events listing).

To access it, head to Components >> RSEvents!Pro >> Settings >> Events >> Error handling dropdown.

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