How do I change the "JOIN" label

In this article we will address a common need of RSEvents!Pro users, changing the label of the 'Join' button from the event page.

This can be achieved as described below:

1. By directly modifying the label in the language file

Please head to the following path:


edit the en-GB.com_rseventspro.ini file, look for COM_RSEVENTSPRO_EVENT_JOIN="Join" and replace "Join" with your desired label.

The draw-back when using this method is that, when reinstalling the language pack, your modifications will be lost.

2. Through language overrides

Joomla! offers the possibility to easily create language overrides via the 'Language overrides' feature. To set up a language override, please take the following steps:

  • Head to Extensions >> Language Manager >> Overrides
  • Click on the New button
  • Type COM_RSEVENTSPRO_EVENT_JOIN in the Search field and hit the Search button.
  • Click on the search result. This will automaticallt add COM_RSEVENTSPRO_EVENT_JOIN in the Language Constant field.
  • Write the desired label in the Text text area, for example Register to this event and click Save.

By setting this up, your Joomla! installation will replace the standard Join label with Register to this event, without having to alter the original language file.

This method is safer, as any future modifications of the RSEvents!Pro language files will not affect the button's label.
In the earlier versions of RSEvents!Pro, you will need to look for RSEPRO_EVENT_JOIN instead of COM_RSEVENTSPRO_EVENT_JOIN.

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