Template positions

Module positions were suggestively named for an easier understanding of their location. The picture on the right explains their space orientation and arrangement.

The following list will describe the module positions basic usage.

RSEvento! positions:

  1. Top A, Top B, Top C: These are the highest module positions, they are usually used for the site's logo or and search module. When configuring the template, you can set these positions to be fluid (if a position is empty, its space will be divided between the remaining two, if only one position is filled, it will occupy all of the top positions) by setting Fluid Logo to Yes in the Logo Options tab.
  2. Main Menu: The main menu horizontal bar.
  3. Slideshow: A slideshow can occupy this area.
  4. Breadcrumbs: Typically breadcrumbs area.
  5. Left Column, Right Column: These positions are displayed to the left of right part of the actual content. Mostly used for a secondary menu item or other modules (for example, all RSEvents!Pro modules fit well in these positions).
  6. Extra Positions: The following positions provide color variations to better suit all needs. Choose between white, grey and colored according to theme. Special mention: the "Fixed" ones will not stretch over empty positions within the same row. Instead, as the name implies, they provide a fixed position as seen in the right picture.
    • After White A, After White B, After White C, After White D
    • After Grey Fixed A, After Grey Fixed B, After Grey Fixed C, After Grey Fixed D
    • After Colored A, After Colored B, After Colored C, After Colored D
    • After White Fixed A, After White Fixed B, After White Fixed C, After White Fixed D
    • After Grey A, After Grey B, After Grey C, After Grey D
    • After Colored Fixed A, After Colored Fixed B, After Colored Fixed C, After Colored Fixed D

  7. After Content: After the content position. Specially designed to fit the RSEvents!Pro Upcoming Events module.
  8. Featured A, Featured B: Area used for something more distinguished. These feature type positions have a coloured background that matches the selected theme.
  9. Events map: Specially designed to fit the RSEvents!Pro Map module.
  10. Bottom Fluid A, B, C and D: Anything can be placed in these positions. If, let's say, only A and D are occupied, they will be automatically stretched over B and C.
  11. Bottom Fixed A, B, C and D: General use, suitable for the social links. Similar to the Bottom Fluid positions, but will not be stretched over empty positions.
  12. Footer A, Footer B, Footer C: These positions are located in the lower left, center and right part of the page. Copyright information, for example, can be added here.
  13. Footer: Lowest possible position, it has a similar use as the Footer A, B and C positions, but its size spans over all three of them.

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