Following the line started with RSJuno!, our second template, RSEvento!, includes responsive capabilities, an intuitive backend configuration interface and advanced customization options for experienced Joomla! users, like the possibility to create template overrides for any component or module through a simple process or adding custom CSS selectors for certain elements.

Designed for RSEvents!Pro

The template's name, RSEvento!, is not coincidental. The main reason for designing the template was to offer RSEvents!Pro users with little or no programming experience the possibility to personalize the component through pre-defined themes and new, custom styles for RSEvents!Pro's modules.

Being designed especially for RSEvents!Pro does not limit the template's usability to that component, RSEvento! is also fully compatible with all RSJoomla! components and their modules.

Increased flexibility

Users who possess HMTL and CSS knowledge will be able to fully customize the template through template overrides. With RSEvento!, overriding a component's or a module's style is as simple as naming the file containing the style after the component (or module) and adding it in the corresponding folder. This method is preferred as future updates will not affect any of your customizations.


  • Joomla! 3.x compatibility.
  • Responsive Layout using Bootstrapping.
  • Seamless compatibility with all RSJoomla! components and modules.
  • 12 Color Schemes to select from.
  • Animated menu items effects.
  • Logo or Site name feature.
  • Built-in RSEvents!Pro template overrides.
  • Over 600 Google Fonts to choose from.
  • Animated Social Links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Viveo, Flickr, Pinterest, Skype and Yahoo).
  • Easy Favicon replacement.

You can find a full presentation of RSEvento!'s features here.

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