The Search and Smart Search plugins

The Search and Smart Search plugins integrate RSDirectory! with the default Joomla! Search and Smart Search modules. Please note that both plugins were introduced along with ver. 1.4.0 and require that you update RSDirectory! to at lease that version in order for the integrations to work properly.

The Search plugin

This plugin does not require any special configuration options, simply install and enable it and the Search module will automatically look among RSDirectory! entries for the submitted keyword.


The Smart Search plugin

Just like the Search plugin, this one does not have any configuration options of its own as well. However, to get this to work you will need to index the entries through the Smart Search component:

Components >> Smart Seach >> Indexed Content tab >> click on Index to the top side of the screen. The component will index the available RSDirectory! entries and categories and list them in the same tab. When performing a search in the frontend, the results page will be similar to this one:


Important: Make sure to publish the plugins after installing them.

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