Credits history

The Credits History tab was designed to help you keep track of all spent credits, per form field and frontend user. To access it, please head to Components >> RSDirectory! >> Credits History.


The tab's functionality consists of a listing containing the following information:

  • Entry: The entry for which the credits were spent. Clicking on the entry will redirect you to the entry editing form
  • User: The name of the user which has spent the credit(s). Clicking on a user name will open the RSDirectory! user account details layout.
  • Type: The type of form fields the credits were spent on(Form field(field_name) / Publishing period / Uploaded file)
  • Credits: The number of credits spent on the field
  • Free: Yes / No - Displays whether the field was added by an admin in the backend or not
  • Paid: Entry paid status
  • Created: The date the credits were spent on
  • ID: An internal, unique ID for the current credits history database entry

Important: The entry's status will change into "Paid" only when all credit costs were paid for that entry. If merely one credit requirement was left unpaid, the entry will be unpaid.



Some filtering and ordering options were included as well, in order to ease your browsing through the history. You can sort the items by the same criteria used in the listing, and order them Ascending or Descending. Also, you can specify the number of items to be displayed per page.

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