Credit packages

You can set up form fields so that they require a certain amount of credits when filled in. Naturally, as a result, you can also configure and sell credit packages. This is done in the Credit Packages tab, you can access it by heading to Components >> RSDirectory >> Credit Packages.


When accessign the Credit Packages tab, you will be presented with a listing of all configured packages. The following information is available:

  • Status: The package's status (published / unpublished)
  • Title: The package's title
  • Price: The package's price
  • Credits: The number of credits the package offers
  • ID: The package's internal, unique ID

Add / edit a package

To edit a package, simply click on it in the listing. To add a new package, click on the New button to the top of the screen. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Title: Set the package's title
  • Description: Set the package's description
  • Price: Set a price
  • Credits: Set the number of credits the package will provide. By setting this to 0, the package will offer an unlimited number of credits
  • Published: Set whether the package is published or not

Note: You can sell credit packages to frontend users through the Buy Credits menu item.

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