How to change the way fields are ordered

By default, RSDirectory! will order the fields within a form based on the order they were created in. Naturally, it is likely that you might need to change the order in which the fields are listed in a particular form, here's how it's done:

  • Head to Components >> RSDirectory! >> Fields.
  • To the lower-left side of the screen you will notice a Filter area.
  • Select the form you want to adjust the fields ordering for. This is done in the -Select Form- dropdown. Then, either:
  • Click on the button highlighted in the image below:
  • Or select Ordering in the dropdown highlighted in the image below (found in the top-right side of the screen)
  • In doing so, the 3 grey dots associated with each field (to the left) will be rendered black instead. This means that you can now drag and drop the fields wherever you want them, as in the picture below, by clicking and holding the 3 black dots:

This process is also demonstrated in Episode 88 in our Video Tutorials section.

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