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In this tab you can set up an internal name, frontend caption, default value and other frontend displaying options for your field.

  • Field type: Specifies the field's type
  • Name: The field's internal name (not visible in the frontend)
  • Caption on form: The field name that will be displayed in the entry submission form
  • Caption on listing: The field name that will be displayed in the listing
  • Show help tip: Choose whether to display a help tip associated with the field or not. The help tip will be displayed as a clickable questionmark button to the right side of the field.
  • Help tip: The text to be displayed in the help tip
  • Show help text: Choose whether to display a help tip associated with the field or not
  • Help text position: The help text's positioning: Inline / Block
  • Help text: The text to be displayed
  • Additional HTML attributes: You can specify additional HTML attributes for the field, for example readonly="readonly"
  • Credits: Specify the base credit cost
  • Credits per file: Specify an additional credit cost for each uploaded file
  • Published: Render the field as published or unpublished

  • Advanced: Set whether the field will be searchable through the Filtering module or not. Only entries containing files will be included in the results listing
  • Label: The label to be displayed in the frontend

Note: Only fields that are common for each category form will be available in the Filtering module. In other words, for a field to show up in the Filtering module, it is a must for it to be associated with every available form.


  • Required: Set whether the field is required or not.
  • Maximum file size (KB): Set the maximum size per file, in KB. Set to 0 for no size limit
  • Max number of files: Set the maximum number of files that can be uploaded. Set to 0 for no limit
  • Accepted files: Provide the allowed extensions, one per line
  • Validation message: Set a message that will be displayed when the submitted information does not pass validation.


A simple layout containing a checkbox group whose items are consisted of all available forms. You can simply check which forms you want to have the field assigned to.

  • Select form(s): Select the form(s) that you want to associate the field with

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