The tab will be automatically populated with all Joomla! Registration user accounts, and allows you to create author profiles. These profiles will be visible in the frontend and are associated with each post made by a certain author.


The backend listing is quite simple, only the following information is displayed:

  • Name: The user's full name (A 'Has profile' checkmark will be displayed if the user has a description set while edited).
  • Email: The email address associated with the user account

User accounts that have an author profile associated with them will be marked with a green checked sign.

Details view

When clicking on an item in the Name column mentioned above, you will be presented with the Edit user layout. It is split into 2 tabs:

  • Name: Set a name that will be visible in the frontend. This does NOT affect the default Joomla! registration user's full name.
  • Image: Associate the account with an image. This is only available for the RSBlog! pages.
  • Description: Set a description for the author. You can use HTML code to customize it.
  • Meta title: Specify a title for the page. It will be included in the HTML output.
  • Meta Description Set a description that will be included in the HTML output. This will be displayed in the search engines' results.
  • Meta Keywords Specify keywords by which search engines will look up the page.

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