As most blog systems, RSBlog! allows authors to add free-form tags to a post, along with placing the post into categories. For example, a post may display that it has been tagged with baseball and tickets. Each of those tags is usually a web link leading to an index page listing all of the posts associated with that tag.

You can also use the tags module available for our component and publish a list of all your available tags in a module postion. You can read more about this module here

The Tags tab offers you full control over the component's tags. Each tag defined by the component has the following attributes:

  • Title : the name of your tag;
  • Alias : the tag's alias;
  • Status : the state of your tag, published/unpublished;
  • Created by : the author of your selected tag. By clicking on Select User, a pop-up window will open where all your site users will be listed, if you decide to change the author of your selected tag all you need to do is select a different user from the list;
  • ID: the record number in the database;

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