I have created a blog post listing but these do not show up

This can be generated by two settings: the Finish publishing date set from your post configuration or the Display archive option from the Blog View menu item configuration.

Finish publishing date

When you create a new blog post you can set three date fields:

  • Creation date: the date the post was created in;
  • Start Publishing: the date from which the post will be visible in the blog listing;
  • Finish Publishing: the date from which the post will be removed from your blog listing.

In order for your post to be listed in the blog, the Finish publishing will need to be higher than the current date. Once this date is exceeded by the current date the post will no longer be visible.

Display archive

Setting this option to "Yes" from the Blog View menu item configuration, will only display the posts you have archived. If you have no archived posts then the listing will not have any entries.

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