How to subscribe to a blog category

In this article we will present one of RSBlog!'s core functionality, which is to allow users to subscribe to the blog.

To enable subscriptions, head over to Components > RSBlog! > Options > Frontend and scroll to Subscriptions.

The following options are available:

  • Enable subscription - Yes/No
  • Enable guest subscription - Yes/No
  • Enable category subscription - Yes/No
  • Show unsubscribe option - Yes/No - if you set this to yes, it will give the user the possibility to chose between subscribe and unsubscribe action

After enabling subscriptions, users can subscribe just by clicking the person or the gear icon on the top-right corner of the post.

Clicking any of these buttons, will open a modal pop up window containing a form that has to be filled by the user


Upon subscribing/unsubscribing from the blog, auto-generated emails are sent. The email configuration options can be found by heading over to Components > RSBlog! > Emails. Information about this section of the component can be found in the RSBlog! Emails article

A full list of your subscribers can be found in the Subscriptions tab of the component

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