How to post your blog articles automatically on Facebook

In the following article we will present the steps required to enable and configure the RSBlog! - Facebook integration. This will allow your blog posts to reach a larger audience, thus increasing the site visitor count.

The first thing that you will need to do is to log into your Facebook account. After this is done you will need to connect the RSBlog! component to your Facebook account. This is done easily by accessing the admin panel of your Joomla! installation and going to Components >> RSBlog! >> Options >> Facebook. You will have the following configuration options:

  • Automatically push posts to your Facebook wall :Yes/No - this will enable the integration between the component and Facebook
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Post on your Facebook profile :Yes/No - this will allow the component to also publish the blog post on your Profile wall
  • Facebook pages : this is a simple textbox field that will allow you to enter the ids of the pages you want to publish the blog posts on. You can also add multiple page ids in this field separated by a comma.
    In order to use this feature the account you connect the component to needs to have administrator permissions for the pages you add. If the account does not have sufficient permissions the posts will not be published on the pages.

The steps required to configure the integration are:

  • Enable the integration by setting the Automatically push posts to your Facebook wall option to YES
  • Configure the integration to publish blog posts on your profile wall or not from the Post on your Facebook profile option
  • Retrieve the ids of the pages you want to publish the blog posts to and add them in the Facebook pages field
  • Click the Connect with Facebook button in order to install the Facebook RSBlog! application for your account
  • Click Okay for all the questions asked by the integration plugin(as seen in the right screenshot)

You can retrieve the id of a Facebook page by accessing the page in question, clicking the Avatar image, then in the URL search for the highlighted string.

After the integration is configured a new option will be available when creating a new blog post in the Social interaction tab : Post to Facebook. Just set this to Yes in order to publish the post on Facebook.

Please note that this functionality is not available when creating a new blog post through the Remote Publishing feature, this will be included in one of our future revisions of the component.

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