How do I set up a Cron task?

Depending on your settings, the remote blog publishing option may require a server side cron task. As you know, you can trigger the remote publishing feature in three ways (Components > RSBlog! > Configuration > Remote publishing):

  • Manual: the remote publishing feature will be triggered whenever browsing through the RSBlog! component (frontend or backend). This is particularly useful, when your blog is frequently accessed.
  • Automatic: if you have a rather low traffic rate on your blog, you still need to make sure that your remote article will be published. Thus, a server side cron task will be required.
  • Manual and automatic

Setting up a cron task can depend on your hosting provider. Bellow you will find the most common settings (if these do not work for you, contact the hosting provider for more details):

Log in to your server hosting administrator panel and add a new cron job with one of the following commands:

lynx ""

wget -O /dev/null

You can set any trigger interval that you need, but bare in mind that the remote publishing feature will only run within the configured RSBlog! Check interval (Components > RSBlog! > Configuration > Remote publishing). For example, if you set the Check interval to 10 minutes, and set the cron to run every 5 minutes, then remote publishing function will only run once every 10 minutes.

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