Keyword density tool

Besides analyzing on-page seo-factors, RSSeo! allows you to check as well the keyword density on each Joomla! page.

The keyword density shows the percentage of times a keyword appears on a page compared to the total number of the words on that page.

With the keyword density tool you can maintain the right keyword balance on each Joomla! page: between 2 and 8%.

A higher density rate (over 8%) might show an excessive use of the targeted keywords, while a lower density rate might indicate that your page needs further optimization for the targeted keyword.

  • focus on writing content for your readers, not for search engines; a good written page, with a lower keyword density might be more relevant than a page stuffed with keywords.
  • avoid using the targeted keywords excessively, you might risk search engines penalties.
  • use synonyms to avoid stuffing the page with keywords; a good start is by using the Google Wonder Wheel tool (shows related search terms to the current searched query ) and the Google Keyword Suggestion tool.

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